Chase Capital Completes First Round Fund Raising Gan Jianping as Founding Partner


According to the early news of IPO, INCE Capital, founded by JP Gan, a former managing partner of Qiming Venture Capital, has recently completed the first round of fund raising of $163 million.
Source: IPO knew it earlier
Author: Jin Lei
Former Taomi CFO Paul Keung and Gan Jianping act as managing partners.
In early June, the news that JP Gan was leaving shocked the whole venture capital circle. Later, Kaiming Venture Capital officials responded that Gan Jianping would officially resign after a short transition period, while Gan Jianping said that he would set up a new investment institution in early July to start afresh.
According to the early knowledge of the IPO, in the two weeks from August 8 to August 23, the total amount of policy capital raised from 27 investors was 163 million US dollars, and the minimum investment amount of each investor was 100,000 US dollars.
In addition to Gan Jianping, Paul Keung (Jiang Xiansen) and Paul Keung (Jiang Xiansen) are the two co-managers of the fund.
From his past experience, Paul Keung and Gan Jianping had a deep relationship.
Among them, the intersection of Taomi, a children’s entertainment and media company, is likely to be the beginning of their relationship. From February 2011 to April 2014, Paul Keung served as CFO and Executive Vice President of Taomi and helped Taomi complete its NYSE listing.
As early as 2009, Gan Jianping, on behalf of Qiming Venture Capital, completed an investment of $5 million in Taomi and became a director, which is also the only external VC introduced by Taomi.
Before and after the NYSE listing, Kaiming Venture Capital’s share ratio dropped from 21.7% to 17.3%, and its profit was nearly 10 times. For Gan Jianping, along with Ctrip, Jiayuan and Taomi’s continuous listing in a short time, the words “NASDAQ welcomes JP GAN” appeared on the big screen of Times Square in New York.
It is worth mentioning that Paul Keung also served as an independent director of Jiayuan Shiji from May 2012 to May 2016, while Gan Jianping served as a director of the company on behalf of Kaiming Venture Capital.
In addition, after leaving Taomi, Paul Keung helped Skypigeon Interactive list in Hong Kong in July 2014, and then took up CFO positions at Return Net and iTutor Group, both of which have the role of Enlightenment Venture Capital.
Paul Keung has also briefly served as an investment partner for Kaiming Venture Capital in Hong Kong in the past year, but has not been publicly reported or attended any public occasions in that capacity.
In fact, as early as early as early as July, Gan Jianping had attended various summits and investors’awards as the founding partner of Chase Capital.
A month later, the end of the first round of fund raising heralded the completion of preparations for a new round of “investment catcher” by Gan Jianping.
In fact, 2018 is a harvest year for Gan Jianping. Bilbili, Mushroom Street and Mei Tuan (public comment) are listed successively, bringing rich returns to both himself and Kaiming Venture Capital Group. Throughout his entire investment career, there are also many celebrity projects in his nearly 100 investment projects, such as Ctrip, public comment, Atlas, Zhihu and so on.
Gan Jianping ranked fifth for the fourth consecutive year in Forbes’list of the best global venture capitalists in 2019, second only to Shen Nanpeng, Sequoia Capital’s global executive partner.
Around 2015, a group of star investors represented by the backbone of IDG Capital “Young Group” led the 2.0 era of Chinese VC, during which new institutions including Gaorong Capital, Fengrui Capital and Yunqi Capital were born. Their ambition to establish their own portal and gain more autonomy propelled them to turn around magnificently.
Four years later, the capital frenzy of Shuangchuang fanaticism has gradually faded, replaced by the “shyness in the pocket” of the first-class market. Fortunately, with his accumulated achievements and contacts in the past 20 years in the venture capital circle, Gan Jianping eventually raised a fund with enough weight.
Here, we also wish Gan Jianping, as a star investor, to lead a new team to continue to realize his dream – “My dream is to throw another Unicorn forever.”