Fortune Securities announced the launch of Fortune Fund Treasury to build a one-stop asset allocation service platform


DoNews, Aug. 26 (Reporter Fei Qianwen) On Aug. 26, Fortune Securities announced the online Internet financial products: Fortune Fund Bao. According to Fortune Securities, this product adds more investment services for fund products on the basis of the original Internet securities services. After the product goes online, investors will experience one-stop asset allocation service. On the basis of the original stock investment, they can use the funds flexibly and purchase fund products online. Investors can subscribe online by downloading or upgrading the latest version of Fortune Niu App.
It is understood that the first batch of online Fortune Fund Bao’s fund products cover three types of funds: monetary fund, bond fund and stock fund, which can meet investors’safe and convenient diversified investment and financial needs. The introduction of Fortune Fund Treasury means that Fortune has formally entered the field of wealth management. In the future, Fortune will gradually build up a complete wealth management product matrix to provide investors with more comprehensive and comprehensive financial services.
Xu Li, Vice President of Futuo Holdings Products and Markets, said: “Futuo Securities has adhered to the concept of insightful insight into customer needs and timely response, as well as rapid iteration of products and technologies since its inception. The introduction of Fortune Fund Treasure is also a continuation and inheritance of this concept. We hope that through the introduction of Fortune Fund Treasury, on the one hand, we can meet the financial needs of investors and provide investors with more diversified and high-quality investment services; on the other hand, we can lay out wealth management business and continue to build a wealth management product matrix. In order to realize the diversified development of Fortune’s C-end brokerage business, margin trading business, wealth management business, B-end IPO distribution and ESOP employees’long-term incentive management business. (End)