With the Weibo travel blockbuster in 2019, the new trend of cultural tourism will be launched.


The prominent micro-blog tourism brand event The first theme of the event #Travel in Summer #ushered in the red door. When red stars @Zhang Tianai and @Chen Yanxi took the lead in sunshine travel photos, all kinds of big Vs came to report, well-known traveling players @travel appointments, global travelers @Beishi classmates, well-known gourmet bloggers @Dawei mini,@Mizijun and other famous gourmet bloggers @Dawei mini,@Mizijun and so on sunned summer travel photos successively, they will live. Active detonation, netizens with idols have opened fancy sunshine.
Adding Culture, Opening Cultural Exploration Tour in Ancient Town Tourist Resorts
2019 is the “first year” of the integration of culture and tourism. The development trend of tourism market is becoming more and more diversified, and tourism consumption is becoming more and more individualized, diversified and quality. Among them, cultural tourism, rural tourism and red tourism have become the new trend of tourism development. As an important platform for cultural tourism dissemination, one of the most distinctive features of this year’s Such elements will lead you to experience these tourist attractions with cultural connotations, excavate and carry forward our fine history and culture, and at the same time, it is also one of the effective ways for young users to understand and participate in the dissemination of history and culture. During the event, users can participate through original, interactive, collecting cards and other ways. They can participate in the event through short videos, graphics and other forms. They can also interact with their favorite stars, big V, and have the opportunity to win a rich prize.
Wheel barn, creative topics to take you around the new trend of travel
On the basis of the traditional play method, this year’s During the two thematic weeks of Light, exhibitions and performances in different areas, a comprehensive record of travel in a more interesting, rich perspective of the beautiful scenery. Users can publish posters every day, participate in activities and interact with Big V. They can also win the City Card Call Travel Award. They can also get the chance to win the red envelope award on Weibo by forwarding, commenting and commenting on topics of praise.
In addition, bloggers will be invited to participate in the creative topic contest this year. What is more expected is that the creative topic contest will combine different urban characteristics to launch different creative topics and create a fresh and interesting tourism feast. Users can enter the “Creative Topics” game on the theme page of
When the Red Star, Institutions, Multi-disciplinary Red Bag Interactive Awards and so on
This event invites popular stars and KOl from many fields to join the celebrities. All the major themes have stars leading the team to publish their travel attitudes, and to participate in original wonderful travel content. Nine groups of popular celebrities were invited as event travel officers to initiate interactive travel with you through different themes. In addition, there will be MCN organizations and hundreds of people from vertical areas such as tourism, photography, food, e-commerce to share their travel experience, share travel experience or interesting events, travel tips, the most memorable journey, eat delicious food all over the world, and answer questions and puzzles for fans in the form of pictures, regular frequency, long micro-blog and live broadcasting. At that time, there will be hundreds of video columns competing, users will experience the most direct travel blockbuster.
During this activity, six lists, including weekly and monthly lists, will be set up according to the time and different themes, and bonus incentives will be given respectively. During the event, users can participate in the event by publishing original pictures or travel Vlogs with topic words
After years of development, on the basis of constantly consolidating its advantages, microblogging has become an important position for the dissemination of culture and tourism. Similar to the key words of red, culture, research and other literary travel, the number of references to blog reading exceeds 1.6 billion, and the number of references to blog interaction exceeds 621.9 billion. Microblog is gradually becoming the largest platform for the production and consumption of high-quality content of literary travel in China. This year’s