Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: 4G will coexist with 5G for a long time and will not build 5G to dismantle 4G or speed limit.


Xinjing News (reporter Jin Biao promised) On August 22, Wenku, Director of Communication Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said in an interview with Xinjing News that he would promote coordinated development of 4G and 5G as a whole. At present, the construction and development of 5G network has just started. It will take several years to build a 5G network covering the whole country. As an important part of mobile communication network, 4G will coexist with 5G network for a long time. There is no need to demolish or limit the rate of 4G when 5G is built. While using the characteristics of 5G high-speed and wide bandwidth to guide the traffic of 4G network, we are also continuing to do a good job in the operation and maintenance of 4G, in a two-pronged manner, to ensure user experience.
Wenku said that this year’s government work report proposed to promote the expansion and upgrading of mobile networks, so that users can really feel that the network speed is faster and more stable. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology resolutely implements the state’s decision-making and deployment, and jointly with relevant departments and industry, firmly promotes all kinds of work to meet the growing urgent needs of the masses for information and communication technology.
He said that he would continue to promote the work of network speed-up and fee-reduction. In May 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and SASASAC issued a circular on “Special Action 2019 to Deeply Promote Broadband Network Speed-up and Fee-Reduction and Supporting High-Quality Economic Development”, aiming at hot traffic areas such as metro, schools, hospitals, large venues and weak coverage areas, further improving the coverage of 4G network. We will deepen the pilot project of universal telecommunication services, support the construction of 4G base stations in rural and remote areas, and achieve 98% of the country’s administrative villages’4G coverage ahead of schedule. As of July 2019, the scale of our country’s 4G base stations has exceeded 4.56 million, and the network scale ranks first in the world.
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