SEED AWARD 2009 Asia-Pacific Reelection in Guangzhou, China


On August 21, the world’s first innovation award, SEED AWARD 2019 Asia-Pacific Competition, called for people to explore life with science and technology, ended in Guangzhou, China. From more than 1300 sea-selected works, 10 projects emerged. After the on-site demonstration of the “Creator” and the collision with the views of the jury, Israel’s 3D printing heart, the automatic detection and cleaning robot for urban drainage pipes from China and the pinpoint lung cancer robot finally won three seats in the global final election.
It is reported that the selected project covers many fields, such as intelligent travel, medical treatment, intelligent hardware, urban management, and involves advanced technologies such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, Internet of Things, which represents the strongest innovation level in the Asia-Pacific region. In the new round of industrial revolution taking place in the world, the Asia-Pacific region represented by China has become the leader.
With the help of new technologies such as 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence and biotechnology, the Asia-Pacific region is becoming the vane of global scientific and technological innovation. Especially, the Asian scientific and technological center represented by China and Israel has already become the current cutting-edge technological innovation. New and landing practices are the ears of the cattle. The original intention of SEED AWARD is precisely to build a bridge between innovative ideas and innovative forces in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and other regions for global innovators.
SEED AWARD aims to reward, encourage and inspire those who love life and have innovative ideas. In the re-selection criteria, market prospects and social significance accounted for 20% of the scores, respectively. According to reports, most of the selected projects in the SEED AWARD 2009 Asia-Pacific Competition Area show considerable social value while practicing innovative ideas.
“Science and technology has released people’s time, shortened the space-time distance between people, widened the space of human life, and fundamentally improved the quality of people’s life.” Wu Qiong, head of CMO and SEED AWARD Organizing Committee of the field group, expounded the original intention of SEED AWARD to pay close attention to the combination of science and technology with life.
It is understood that after the Asia-Pacific re-election of SEED AWARD in 2019, the European Championships will be held in London in September, and the global finals will be held in China in October. Finally, one SEED AWARD Award and three outstanding leaps will be selected.