Many industrial and commercial changes have taken place freely: Xiong Lin, the outgoing director of Zuo Hui, takes over as a legal person


According to Tian Eye Check data, on August 15, Beijing Free Information Technology Co., Ltd. made a number of changes in industry and commerce, including the chairman of the chain, Zuo Hui, who resigned as a director.
In addition, the information shows that a single outgoing legal representative, chairman, legal representative is freely replaced by CEO Xiong Lin. Sun Jing resigned as supervisor and was succeeded by Li Guowei. In addition, the former shareholder Free Asset Management Co., Ltd. withdrew, and the new shareholder Beijing Free Life Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.
In recent years, because of the simple and convenient way of renting, long-Rent apartments have been widely accepted by young people, which has also led to silent competition in the industry. However, under the competition, various non-standard behaviors timely sounded the alarm for the industry.
Last year, the “formaldehyde gate” incident of Ali employees was freely exposed, because the measures taken did not fundamentally solve the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. In addition, freely because of the inadequate means of governance, the problem has become more and more serious.
In addition, financial network combing found that in the black cat complaint platform, there are more than 500 complaints about ease, including housekeeper default property costs, ease of APP arbitrary collection of living expenses, rental and sale of rented apartments and other disorders.
Industry insiders pointed out that in recent years, people need to think calmly because of the frequent negative news about formaldehyde and after-sales service. He believes that although some problems may be common in the industry, as one of the industry leaders, we should shoulder the corresponding responsibility under the premise of compliance, legitimacy and morality, and promote the orderly development of the industry.