Chairman of FTC: The integration of FB’s sub-brands will hinder the efforts of the outside world to dismantle branches.


According to Reuters, Joseph Simons, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, told the Financial Times on Monday that Facebook’s plans to further integrate Instagram and WhatsApp under the Facebook brand would hinder any attempt to split the brand. Attempts by social media giants.
According to the Financial Times, Simmons said that everything is possible when the FTC investigates potential Facebook monopolies, but Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to integrate the company’s three major brands could complicate any case.
“If they maintain an independent business structure and infrastructure, it will be much easier to divest assets in this situation, and things will become more and more complicated when multiple brands are dispersed and integrated together,” he said.
Facebook has long been scrutinized by global regulators, focusing on the company’s data privacy operations and the way subsidiaries WhatsApp and Instagram process personal data.
Facebook acquired Instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014, respectively, and now each has more than a billion users.
Last month, Facebook said it would pay a $5 billion fine to address the government’s investigation of its privacy policy and to strengthen user data protection. (Muer)