Together to assist the police in cracking down on the black-and-grey production of the network by 15 people and freezing more than 8 million people


On the morning of August 19, Sina Science and Technology News reported that Pingduo officially announced that it had recently helped the police of Heping County, Guangdong Province, to crack a case of online black-and-grey production, in which online stores were set up to engage in illegal transactions on the basis of e-commerce platforms. Fifteen suspects were arrested and more than 8 million yuan of funds frozen. At present, the police have completed the investigation of the case, and six leading members of the gangs involved have been transferred to the local procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution.
It is reported that the arrest of Zhang Moujin as the leader of the criminal gang is using overseas social APP and overseas mobile phone cards to carry out illegal acts – Zhang Moujin as the boss instructed Li Moucheng to provide technical support for the gang, to achieve the function of shop batch order, automatic delivery; Feng Moujin and other four people are responsible for looking for batch ID card information to do so. Handle relevant bank cards.
Since its inception in 2015, Pingduo has set up a special safety and wind control team. After receiving suspicious transaction tips from payment platform, Pingduo will freeze stores and Off-Shelf goods at the first time and report clues to the police. From the beginning of 2019 to the end of May, Pingduo Platform has voluntarily submitted to various law enforcement agencies 18 958 ID clues including prohibited and Restricted Commodities of this nature, involving 1719 shop addresses.
The head of the security team of Pingduo said that all along, Pingduo has “zero tolerance” for black and gray products such as gambling and network fraud, and found that together, it helps the police to fight together and maintain a high-pressure and severe strike situation. In the first half of 2019 alone, Pingduo Platform has assisted police throughout the country in cracking down on more than 10 such cases and captured more than 30 suspects. (Han Dapeng)