Consumers Question the Price Reduction of Mobile Phone “Replacing the Old for the New”


Original Title: Consumers Question the Price Reduction of Mobile Phone “Replacing the Old for the New”
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As the main force of electronic products, mobile phone updates quickly. Recently, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that consumers are facing depreciation when dealing with their mobile phones through the way of “replacing old ones with new ones” in online shopping malls. Under the market environment of opaque valuation model and inconsistent recycling standards, consumers have questioned the standardization of the second-hand recycling market.
Complaints Caused by the Scuffle of Mobile Recycling Platform
In the waste material recycling market, second-hand household appliances and mobile phones are the easiest to “cash in”. Since the second half of 2016, online recycling platforms for second-hand mobile phones have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, and a number of e-commerce giants have entered the market. The following problem is that the standards of second-hand mobile phone valuation and recycling platform are not dazzling. In some brand online shopping malls, consumers feedback that when old mobile phones are recycled, the recycling service providers designated by these online shopping malls depreciate prices, which also triggers many consumer complaints.
It is understood that in the brand online mall’s old-for-new business, the brand itself does not provide recycling services, but access to third-party entries, such as the recycling of old mobile phones is designated to love recycling such recycling platform to provide corresponding services. On June 19, a user filed a complaint on Sina Black Cat Complaint Platform, claiming that the mobile phone was recycled by Ai Recycling Company by replacing the old one with the new one in a mall APP. At that time, their mobile phone was priced at 2,000 yuan, and they arranged for people to collect goods at their doors. On-site inspection showed no damage. The company also called the mobile phone damaged (mobile phone shell damaged, mobile phone screen replaced), requiring 800 yuan to be recycled.
People with recycling platforms say that because of the serious loss of offline stores, the profit source of the second-hand recycling platforms mainly comes from the old-for-new business of these online brand malls. If these channels can be obtained exclusively, it means that monopoly can be used to depress prices and make profits. “Consumers often try to trust brand malls to replace old ones with new ones, but in fact they do not know that the designated service providers of these malls have depressed prices.” “We also wanted to be involved, but these malls signed exclusive or exclusive contracts with designated service providers,” the person said.
What are the price reduction schemes for recycling platforms?
Many consumers said in the interview that when selling used mobile phones, they or their friends will encounter the phenomenon of depreciation. Buyers will find fault with old mobile phones for various reasons, so as to achieve the goal of price reduction.
On Sina’s Black Cat Complaint Platform, 72 complaints about love recycling are mostly related to price reduction. In fact, some common recycling platforms routines are basically to give a higher price when evaluating, so that users relax their vigilance. After getting the mobile phone, the price will be depressed for various reasons such as “scratches on the screen, color difference on the screen, ageing of the screen”, or even directly destroy the mobile phone to achieve the purpose of depreciation. Many people are forced to accept this malicious price reduction because they don’t understand or are suspicious of trouble.
Screen scratch is a common means of price reduction. Many people buy mobile phones and then stick on the steel film. In normal use, there will be no scratches, even if there are scratches on the steel film. But there are scratches after the mobile phone is detected by the recycling platform, which is directly related to the detection method. If the mobile phone is detected under the strong light (sunlight, light, etc.), there will be scratches in some cases, which is the problem of refraction angle. Although the detection of the recycling platform depends on professional equipment, it is not excluded that in order to reduce the price, we intentionally find an angle to photograph that effect.
Screen aging is also a common price-cutting tool. After using the screen for a period of time, the brightness of the backlight is darker than the new opportunity, and the color of the screen is yellowish. This problem usually arises when the mobile phone is used for a long time.
How do recyclers use screen ageing to drive down prices? According to industry sources, as long as you enter the mobile phone engineering mode or borrow color and temperature adjustment software, and then shoot at a specific angle, you can make the aging screen, “In fact, there are many similar ways of price reduction, such as when disassembling and testing, dripping water on the waterproof label, making the mobile phone moist, water in the illusion; Brush in the wrong baseband, create network module failures; when disassembling, do not install wiring…”
A perfect standard system has not yet been formed.
It is reported that 19 national standards, 3 local standards and 9 industry standards for waste electrical and electronic products have been set up in China, but they are all recommended standards. At present, the domestic standards are more complicated and most of them are aimed at standardizing the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products. Although the domestic standards are specific to the disassembly and disposal of certain types of waste electrical and electronic products, there is no perfect standard system, and the integrity is insufficient.
Industry insiders said that recycling of waste electrical and electronic products involves collection, storage and transportation, disassembly, treatment, disposal and reuse. Comprehensive consideration should be given to resource recovery and utilization efficiency, environmental protection, management requirements and other aspects. Only by establishing a standard system of recycling and utilization of waste electrical and electronic products, can it be advantageous to enter. One step to do a good job in the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products. However, there are few standards for the recycling end in China, and the recycling link is an indispensable part of the recycling of waste electrical and electronic products. The lack of recycling specifications is not conducive to the realization of the subsequent recycling of waste electrical and electronic products.
It is also known that the Internet + resource recycling Specialized Committee was established in July this year by the China Recycling Economy Association. Its business scope covers policy research, industry consultation, standard setting, technological innovation, achievements transformation, conference and exhibition, international cooperation and so on. Zhu Xingxiang, president of China Circular Economy Association, said: “The establishment of the special committee is to summarize and condense the solutions of excellent enterprises through research, such as new recycling mode, key varieties recycling mode, various renewable resources trading platform, used idle products trading platform, information management service level. Taiwan and other key products traceable information management platform, sharing economy and other innovative models, and promote the pilot demonstration in non-waste pilot cities. Wen/our reporter Li Jia