Gome Retail plans to buy 19.5% of Anxun Logistics for 585 million yuan


Source: Euro 100 million
Euro Logistics August 18, Gome Retail announced that on August 16, 2019, the company signed an agreement with the seller Rocket Gain Investments Limited. The company acquired 19.5% of the target company from the seller at a cost of RMB 585 million.
The announcement shows that the target company is Beijing Pengrun Times Property Management Co., Ltd. which owns all shares of Gome Logistics, while Gome Logistics owns all shares of Anxun Logistics. Anxun Logistics has 11 wholly-owned subsidiaries, which are the national integrated logistics service providers. Its main business is warehousing management, trunk transportation, distribution, installation and after-sales service of integrated residence. It provides customers with one-stop integrated logistics solutions including large-scale household appliances, household appliances, household appliances, sports equipment, 3C products and fast-moving consumer goods.
It is reported that Gome Retail said that Anxun Logistics is the group’s main logistics service provider, engaged in the rapid development of the property industry, its warehousing and logistics services cover 31 provincial administrative regions, with good prospects for development. In view of the fact that logistics services and the ability to provide timely delivery services to customers are key components of the Group’s operation, the Directors believe that the acquisition will provide the Group with direct rights and interests of its main logistics service providers, and promote further cooperation between the Group and Anxun Logistics to ensure that Anxun Logistics can provide better services to the Group. Service.