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Wen Zilong
Video | Trevor
In this issue, 5G Weekly did something different: live 5G mobile broadcasting.
Recently, the 2nd National Youth Games opened. The contest uses 5G live broadcasting to allow viewers to choose multiple “perspectives” to watch the contest.
5G + Live Broadcast, Start to Walk into Our Life.
We have done a lot of 5G road test and new airplane experience in previous programs, but this time we tried 5G mobile live broadcasting. Will there be any change compared with 4G live broadcasting?
On August 16, the OPPO Video Exhibition opened at the Fuji Bell Tower in Changning, Shanghai, and attracted many photographers to visit. In addition to “non-visual photography” and other highlights, the photo exhibition actually has “5G” eggs: the whole exhibition venue is covered with 5G signals.
In addition to watching the exhibition, we carried out 5G speed measurement, and also tried 5G mobile live broadcasting. What’s the effect?
On-site 5G velocity measurement: up to 945 Mbps
We used OPPO Reno 5G mobile phone and China Unicom’s unlimited speed 5G mobile card to measure the speed at the film exhibition venue. The results are as follows:
The average downlink rate is more than 750 Mbps, and the maximum downlink rate is 945 Mbps.
Overall, the 5G signals inside and outside the bell tower are full grid, and the nearby 5G signals are very stable.
5G Mobile Live: At present, it seems that there is little difference between 4G Live and 5G Live.
We have been broadcasting live mobile phones for about half an hour on 5G network.
Many netizens are concerned about whether the 5G live picture will be clearer.
In theory, 5G has faster speed and lower delay, and can carry clearer live pictures.
But the clarity of picture quality is also limited by some limitations of the current live broadcasting equipment and the live broadcasting platform itself.
So in this live broadcast, it seems that there is little difference between visual perception and 4G network live broadcast.
But in the future, when all the conditions are available, the difference between 5G live and 4G live may be more prominent when 5G network is used to watch higher quality 5G live broadcasting.
Of course, we will try more live 5G scenes in future programs.
Pedestrian Street Pick: Give you a 5G mobile phone, what do you want most?
We picked up several passers-by in Random Street near the Bell Tower and let them feel the next 5G mobile phone for themselves. Listen and see what they said.
It seems that you are still looking forward to 5G!
Up to August 17, ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G version and Huawei Mate 20X 5G version have been officially sold. At present, the price of 5G mobile phones is in the range of 5000-7000 yuan.
In terms of 5G tariff, China Unicom has set a minimum price of 199 yuan for 5G packages, and China Telecom has just launched a 5G experience packages with 100 GB free flow per month.
At the same time, the coverage of 5G signal is more and more extensive.
5G is right in front of us. So, will you choose to buy 5G mobile phones in the near future?