More than 8 million Mars Rovers will launch next year to send their names to Mars


Photo Source: Oriental IC
Wen | Xinhua News Agency Tan Jingjing
The next generation of Mars 2020 will be launched in July next year and land on Mars in February next year. More than 8 million people have signed up for a public event at NASA to engrave their names on silicon chips and follow Mars 2020 to Mars.
The activity began in late May and ended on September 30 this year. According to the latest data from the activity website, the number of registered people has exceeded 8.46 million. Among them, Turkey, India and the United States ranked in the top three. More than 2.5 million people in Turkey signed up to participate. China has 230,000 participants.
According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, participants submit their names and nationalities on the activity website, and then receive an electronic “boarding pass” and “frequent passenger” points. Jet Propulsion Laboratory will use an electron beam to etch the approved name onto a silicon chip and land on Mars with Mars 2020.
According to reports, each chip can engrave more than 1 million names. The chip with all the names will be placed on Mars 2020 in the spring of 2020, when NASA will display the photos on the activity website and the Mars 2020 mission website.
Thomas Chubbishing, NASA’s deputy director of scientific missions, said that as we prepare to launch the historic Mars mission Mars 2020, we hope everyone will take part in this exploration trip, which will uncover many mysteries on Mars, including the origin of life.
Similar activities were carried out before the US Unmanned Explorer Insight landed on Mars in 2018, when more than 2.4 million names were engraved on silicon chips and traveled to Mars with the spacecraft.
Original Title: More than 8 million Mars Rovers will launch next year to send their names to Mars.