Li Dongsheng: Cooperating with Huawei is a supplier relationship. TCL will launch 5G products this year.


Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of TCL
On the morning of August 17, Sina Technological News reported that the 15th Summer Summit of the Abu Li China Entrepreneurs Forum was held in Tianjin in 2019. Li Dongsheng, founder and chairman of TCL, talked about the relationship with Huawei in an interview with CCTV Finance and Economics. He called the cooperation between TCL and Huawei a supplier. In the future, you will be interested in discussing the cooperation of the whole ecosystem and the whole applied technology.
“At present, intelligent Internet applications need a standard, which requires different brands of terminals to share all kinds of services. So in this respect, we and Huawei, millet, Hisense and MeiMei all have the will to establish a standard like smart home, smart home, smart Internet application services, so that No. All products of the same brand can be interconnected. Li Dongsheng said.
Speaking of 5G, Li Dongsheng believes that the biggest application of 5G is not in smartphones, “5G application can open up many application scenarios and fields, such as automatic driving, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet and so on.” Li Dongsheng said that TCL started with 5G terminal products and will launch its own 5G products in the United States and China this year.