Dangdang Yuyu: The biggest pain in the past 20 years is that the employees are getting farther and farther away from the Fifth and Sixth Rings.


Yu Yu
On the afternoon of August 17, Sina Technologies News reported that the 15th Summer Summit of the Abu Li China Entrepreneurs Forum was held in Tianjin in 2019. At the Innovation Development Forum, Dangdang Co-founder and Chairman Yu Yu said that as a person of an Internet company in Beijing, the biggest pain in the past 20 years is that the company is getting bigger and bigger, and its employees are getting bigger and bigger. They live farther and farther from the Fifth and Sixth Rings.
Yu Yu said, “Where do so many farmers in Beijing talk about happiness in three or four hours’journey? After thinking about it for a long time, the happiness I can think of is that Wuqing will build the apartment a little better.”
“The main reason Silicon Valley has become Silicon Valley is that it was cheap for decades. On its long road, cheap factories, laboratories and dormitories mean that you can afford to go wrong, and if you can afford to go wrong, you think that a large number of companies can start businesses there because it can afford to lose. Yu Yu said that in this way, the cumulative final wave of sand, although failure is always the majority of life, but successful people such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on will pull that place.
“Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, I will see if my”Wuqing Small Dream”can be more elsewhere in the day, let the staff sunshine, rain and dew touch the light.” Yu Yu said. (Zeyu)