I’m afraid Tesla is the only one who’s out of town.


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Today, I was brushed by a little sister named Amie DD.
She’s the owner of Tesla Model 3. She pooled a video on the Internet, recording how she implanted an RFID chip in her right arm (radio frequency identification, allowing you to communicate non-contact data, access cards, whatever), turning the arm into a car key to unlock Model 3…
Yes, the coolest thing for ordinary car owners is to play with modification; for Tesla car owners, the hand is to play with human modification.
Feel the difference between you and Alita.
Miss Sister is an old player. A few years ago, she installed an RFID chip in her arm to unlock the door of her home. When she scheduled Model 3, she was wondering if she could unlock the car in the same way. Her original plan was to transfer information from Tesla’s key card to her chip, which was blocked by Tesla’s security system.
So she decided to extract the physical chip from the key card and then invade herself.
First melt the key card with acetone and take out the RFID chip inside. There’s no need to worry about losing a key card directly. After all, unlocking Model 3 is usually done by mobile phones. This card is a spare tire system, usually used in the parking scene.
To encapsulate the chip in a biopolymer, it’s the size of a LEGO villain…
Take it to the plastic surgery hospital and find a doctor to put it in your arm.
In fact, the whole process is not very complicated, you also deserve to have.
Miss Twitter said that after the implantation, the arm was still swollen… But the chip can be used, and the effective reading distance is not ideal, about one inch (25mm). She hoped that the bug would improve with swelling…
It can be imagined that Miss Amie herself is a blind person. With its own website amiedd.com, it can program and customize various Cyberpunk products for customers.
Miss osplay is also wonderful:
This kind of weird Coffee full of soul fragrance is actually our original impression of the owner of Tesla. They will follow Tesla and Musk because they see their own mirrors in such crazy and even evil brands and founders.
They’re not what the outside world looks like, they’re just followers. They are interesting people in themselves. Even if you do the same thing as an ordinary car owner, you have to force some different sparks.
For example, more than a month ago, Bjrn Nyland, a famous Norwegian Teslab owner on the tubing, wanted to show off how good his Model 3 was, so he competed with Porsche 911…
And not faster than a straight line, but faster than 800 kilometers.
I don’t know what to do. After all, they are not right. 911 is obviously faster, whether it’s running or refueling along the way; on the other side, Model 3 has a very general acceleration potential at high speeds, and its maximum speed is less than 911, let alone charging time.
As a result… It’s unexpected that ____________ Win. So many people think that bloggers must have faked it.
The pursuit of speed is the original ideal of Tesla owners. Speed was a selling point until the explosion of automatic driving, so that 126 car owners jointly filed claims for compensation because the Model S P85D they bought wasn’t fast enough…
However, for most car owners, love can make up for everything.
For example, some time ago, a car owner found that Tesla’s dog model had bugs, and on Twitter, it was Ett Musk.
Forgiveness is great for the owner of filial piety.
At the end of 2018, for example, Musk proposed to build Teslaquilla, a Tesla brand.
He also applied for the trademark “Teslaquila” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
As a result, Tequila was so similar that it provoked the Mexican Tequila Board of Governors (CRT), a body that specializes in deciding what to call and what not to call it, that up to now, the wine has remained silent.
But that doesn’t stop Tesla owners from trying to drink Teslaquilla. So they made their own Teslaquila, and made special teaching videos for drinking Teslaquila…
See this scene, there are pure netizens in the following message said:
Hope to know where to buy, very want to buy a bottle for my husband, even to cross-state and transnational all right…
Blogger reply: Big sister smashes, bother oneself to put up the logo. Interested friends can try, website:
There are also owners who live Musk in their souls – first and foremost, arrogant.
I remember as early as 2015, there was a car owner from Phoenix who changed his Tesla Model S to an Airbnb home…
As shown in the figure, in fact, the main modification work is to add a double mattress, a set of bedding, and atmosphere candles.
However, from the owner’s point of view, there are only two bugs in this Tesla lodging:
One is that people over six feet and six inches tall can’t be accommodated… It seems that there are many people to consult Yazi, because the owner helplessly noted that although I like basketball very much, too high really don’t ask.
Second, you have to get up before 8 o’clock because the owner himself is a Uber driver and eats on this car.
Of course, everything is negotiable. If you haven’t slept enough, you can also go to his home to sleep; the owner also provides a tour charter service, which naturally uses Model S for your night sleep, at a separate cost ()
It’s such a room. I’m sorry to ask for $85 per night.
According to Tesla’s urine, there have been many pits in the past decade or so.

For example, an old car owner in the United States who ordered Model S in 2013 was originally loyal and found Tesla was cold-hearted after he had been insured. When his car broke down, the official repair would cost at least 14,000 dollars, and it would take too long. Everyone was urging him to throw it away and buy a new one.
However, in the spirit of “Tesla abused me thousands of times, I treat Tesla as first love,” he decided to repair. Slowly from the Internet to find information, and finally successfully repaired by him, but also drove it from Seattle to Detroit back and forth, more than 2,000 miles…
Reflect on why such a heartbroken and determined story would not happen in China?
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