Securities and Exchange Corporation’s P2P Treasury Stop Additional Business because Depository Banks Terminate Cooperation


Original title: Securities and Exchange Group’s P2P treasure salvage stopped new business, because depository banks terminated cooperation
Pengbao journalist Liu Xilin
On August 12, the P2P online lending institution of Shanghai Securities Corporation announced on its official website that due to the adjustment of its own business, Huarui Bank, a partner in treasure-salvaging depository management, unilaterally decided to terminate depository cooperation on August 13, 2019. It takes time for the new depository management cooperation to develop. Without depository management, based on compliance requirements, the new business of the treasure salvage platform will be stopped.
Lucaibao also said in the announcement that due to the closure of payment channels at the same time, the platform will stop recharging services and creditor’s rights transfer services, but the cash withdrawal function is normal.
According to the data disclosed by the official website of Lucaibao, as of the end of July 2019, the cumulative transaction amount of Lucaibao was 29.638 billion yuan, the loan balance was 4.996 billion yuan, the current number of lenders was 28,031, and the number of borrowers was 92,853.
According to the official data of SFC Golden Clothing, there are many loan products, including salary and student loan, insurance policy loan, car loan, academic credits, online purchaser loan, card-friend loan and housing loan.
Until June 2019, Lucaibao was actively updating the progress of online loan filing. Since January 2019, it has updated 11 compliance schedules, including “real-time data access for online lending institutions”, and listed the completion of the compliance checklist of online lending information intermediaries (108 items) one by one.
However, according to the surging news, in late July, Shanghai’s regulatory authorities began to talk with online lending platforms, and clearly put forward the requirements of transformation or withdrawal of small and medium-sized online lending platforms.
The operation company of Lucaibao is Shanghai Zhengda Aite Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. which was established on January 14, 2014. Its shareholders are Shanghai Zhengda Cultural Creative Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Chuangyou Business Consulting Co., Ltd. with 83% and 17% shareholdings respectively. The actual controller is Dai Zhikang. At the same time, Dai Zhikang is also the founder and chairman of the board.
Dai Zhikang was born in 1964. He is the founder and chairman of Shanghai Securities Investment Development Co., Ltd. and graduated from the Finance Department of Renmin University of China and the Graduate Department of the Head Office of the People’s Bank of China. He has successively served in the head office of CITIC Industrial Bank, Beijing Representative Office of Dresden Bank of Germany and Hainan Securities Company. Established in 1992, it managed Fudao Fund, the first public fund in China. In 1998, it was restructured and established as chairman of the board of directors.
It is understood that SGCC covers many fields such as finance, culture and investment. In the financial sector, SGCC includes three main bodies: SGCC Jinfu (before SGCC), SGCC Aite (for treasure) and JV Joint Venture, namely SGCC’s asset end, capital end and shareholding company.