Knowing about the completion of about 450 million F rounds of financing, jointly invested by fast-hand Baidu


Wen Rongshi, Haiwei, Fangting, Su Jianxun, Zhang Yuxin
36 krypton learns from multiple core sources close to the transaction that about $450 million of F round financing has been completed. This round of financing is invested by Fast Hand and Baidu Joint Strategy, which is the largest round of financing known to date.
A person close to the deal told him that Suhua had known for a long time that she wanted to participate in previous rounds, but had not been able to reach an agreement because of price and other factors. It is reported that the deal has also caused controversy in the Fast-Handed Investment Department, but the strong will of the fast-handed executives, including Suhua, ultimately contributed to the investment.
A person close to Baidu disclosed to 36 krypton that after this round of financing, he knew that the whole station would access Baidu App in the form of smart applets, which would undoubtedly greatly enrich Baidu’s content ecology.
It is worth noting that Baidu is also one of the fast-track investors. Baidu investment fast hand, on the surface, enriches Baidu’s content source in short video ecology. Baidu and fast hand, as well as those who just invested, have formed a “triangle relationship”: Baidu is responsible for platform-based traffic entrance, fast hand provides short video content ecology.
In response to the financing, Krypton to Zhihu, Quick Hand, Baidu official verification, as of publication, the three companies said they would not comment.
It’s not too long to know that the last round of financing was completed: last August, 36 krypton exclusively reported that it had completed the E round of financing of $270 million, with a valuation of $2.5 billion.
Earlier this year, a close-knowledgeable investor disclosed to 36 krypton that he was interested in re-listing in 2019. In the past year, the process of knowing has been quite ups and downs. According to the Beijing News, it is known that a round of large-scale layoffs is under way, and the scale has even risen to 700 people. In response, we know that the number and proportion of personnel optimization is within the normal range, 700 people are extremely exaggerated false information.
Subsequently, the founder and CEO Zhou Yuan issued a full letter announcing a new round of organizational restructuring. The company also appointed Sun Wei, a former honeybee CFO, as its new CFO. External speculation has pointed to its preparations for listing.
The discussion about commercialization of knowledge has never stopped. Although commercialization began only in 2017, mainly exploring the two revenue models of advertising and knowledge services, Zhou Yuan disclosed that in the first half of 2018, the revenue of commercial advertising increased by 340% compared with the same period last year, and that the university has provided more than 15,000 knowledge service products.