Direct | Quick Response Leader knows: firmly believe that cooperation can promote knowledge benefit


Sina Technologies News, August 12, evening news, I know today announced the completion of the F round of financing, a total of 434 million US dollars, led by fast-hand investment, Baidu follow-up investment. Knowing the relevant issues, the quick-hand side responded to the lead investor.
The fast-fielder said that knowledge, founded in 2011, pioneered the Internet of useful and valuable information, and is gradually transforming from a knowledge community around some groups to a knowledge-based inclusive platform for more people to benefit from. We both uphold the values of universal benefit, truthfulness and goodness. We firmly believe that our cooperation can further promote the universal benefit of knowledge, record and share, and enable more people to enjoy the dividend of the digital world.
At present, fast-hand monthly living has exceeded 400 million, daily living has exceeded 200 million, and daily exposure has reached 100 billion. As far as knowledge is concerned, as of January 2019, more than 220 million users were aware of it, more than 28 million cumulative questions were asked and 130 million answers were answered. (Li Nan)