Google App, which is used by 1 billion people, is finally available to us.


Is Google not innovative? Xiao Lei was the first to disagree.
As one of the world’s technology giants, Google has more than 1 billion users of eight Apps. Recently, the number of users of its “Google Album” has exceeded 1 billion.
The reason for this is that although it is a must-have application for every Android machine, the most critical thing is that the software itself has the bright spot to attract new users.
Little Reiter downloaded it and compared it. Google Album does have several points to hang up the domestic Android mobile phone album.
The first one is a one-click P-map based on Google algorithm, which is suitable for handicapped or lazy people.
The second is that you can upload photos of your life to infinite cloud space. This function is really very conscientious. It can provide infinite cloud disk space and upload high-quality specifications at the same time.
Unlike some manufacturers, they either sacrifice the quality of their paintings or have to buy Krypton capacity…
The point is, we don’t need the cloud backup function, the specific reason Xiao Lei won’t say much here.
It’s easy to use, but the fact that you can’t connect to the Internet is enough to discourage you.
“Well, that’s not for nothing.”
Don’t go. Xiao Lei recently discovered that Google has launched a lightweight, offline photo album called Gallery Go, which is directly called Gallery in China.
When it comes to lightweight, how lightweight is it? First look at the installation package.
Installation packages less than 10M don’t feel like 9102 products.
Don’t underestimate the installation package. It has many functions.
Google Album’s Photo Intelligent Classification function also exists here. It can also classify photos of the album into “self-timed photos”, “nature”, “food”, “animals” and “documents”.
The advantage of classification is that when we want to find a photograph, we don’t need to skim in the vast picture, just open the classification of the photograph and find it easily.
It’s worth mentioning that App is not automatically classified when it’s just opened after installation.
Xiao Lei also asked a question mark on his face at that time. What about the automatic sorting and classification?
It turned out that the album would be organized and grouped automatically every night, so Xiao Lei got up the next morning with expectation.
As a matter of fact, it has been categorized. There are many more classifications than there were only “screen shots” and “videos” on the first day.
But why is there a childhood play electronic pet eggs that is visual sense.. Every morning it seems that the first thing is whether the pet eggs hatched out.
This photo categorization can be done offline, so it has to be said that Google’s algorithm is really a good one.
But cattle batches don’t represent perfection. Some photos turn over when they are classified.
In the category of “animals”, the photographs of airplanes are also summarized.
Does Google’s algorithm treat airplanes as birds???
Occasionally rollover does not affect the use, after all, this is a common problem with other albums, continue to talk about other functions.
The second function is the gospel of straight men. It’s a key P chart.
Just click on this “automatic” and the photos will be beautified automatically.
Xiao Lei’s test shows that gourmet food is effective.
The photo is too yellow. White Balance rollover? It can also be done with one click.
Xiao Lei tried several pieces and found that the automatic beautification routine is to add contrast and saturation, white balance adjustment, gray reduction.
So many steps now can be done with one key, and no longer afraid of making friends circle.
In addition, simple editing can also be done in “Modification”, such as adding filters, cutting and rotating.
Those who spend all day pestering Xiao Lei to install tutorials for Google cameras, the next one will have the same effect.
Finally, this album only needs two permissions, one is necessary to read and store, and the other is to share the permissions of other Apps.
That is to say, this gallery App can be used offline, even classification is done offline, do not worry about traffic will be stolen.
At the same time, don’t worry about the leak of some photos in your album. It’s very intimate in protecting privacy.
(This lightweight, offline version of Google Album is available in the background of Xiaolei’s computer.
Xiao Lei spent several days, because of his small size, the overall experience was very smooth.
For friends with less versatile album functions, this lightweight version of Google Album can completely replace the self-contained album.