The Responsibility of Science: Scientists Should Take the Responsibility of Guiding Scientific Development with Intelligence


Source: Intellectuals
Original Title: The Role of Science
Writing | Pan Jianwei Raoyi and Han Qide
Science is the crystallization of human wisdom, and science is the driving force of social progress.
In ancient times, human beings were curious about nature. Later, they gradually summarized and deduced laws from phenomena, including scientific laws. More importantly, the Renaissance is a milestone of human civilization, breaking through the confinement of religion, liberating human thought, promoting the development of science and laying the foundation of modern industrial society. Since then, science has never advanced, and on the basis of modern mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, Engineering Science and frontier technology, a scientific world outlook has been formed.
For hundreds of years, modern science has continuously expanded the scope of human cognition, deepened the understanding of nature and human itself, fundamentally changed human life and supported social and economic development. It is almost impossible to imagine what the world would be like today without scientific progress. Without science, how will mankind go to the future?
Modern science is gradually introduced into China in the process of the eastward spread of Western learning.
The May 4th Movement 100 years ago made Mr. Sai more widely spread in China. From “opening up the people’s wisdom” and “saving the country by science” to promoting modern scientific development and social progress, China, like other countries in the world, experienced the Enlightenment of modern science. The Chinese people realized that science has wisdom beyond utility and skills. Value becomes the core competitiveness of a country.
Seventy years ago, after the founding of the Republic, the trumpet of “marching towards science” was sounded quickly; after ten years of catastrophe, the “spring of science” began slowly; reform and opening up opened the door, and “science and technology are the first productive force” was established.
Since the new century, basic science has been supported by steady growth, applied science has received unprecedented attention, and innovation-driven social and economic development has become a national consensus. Today, China is on the way to the first scientific front in the world. It is possible that China’s science will make greater contributions to China’s development and human progress.
Developing science is the primary responsibility of scientists. Einstein said that the acquisition of objective knowledge is the highest ambition human beings can have. The first mission of people who take science as their duty is to pursue the highest achievement of intelligence, to develop new knowledge and to expand the boundaries of human cognition. Needless to say, up to now, Chinese scientists have made little contribution to modern science. Only one of them has won the Nobel Prize in Natural Science, and not many others have achieved the same or high level of work. More and more Chinese scientists are needed to pursue the progress of science itself and constantly explore it. They are overjoyed by the beauty of nature, the surprise of discovery and the solemnity of science. In a professionalized scientific system, scientists need to keep in mind their first thoughts: driven by intellectual interests, excited by original discoveries, and proud of their academic achievements.
The leading position of science is closely related to the well-being of the whole nation. For any big country, science and technology are closely related to the fate of the country. The rise and prosperity of Britain, Germany, the United States and Japan are all supported by strong scientific foundation. To be in the forefront of the world, we must have original science. Our scientists should strive to make real scientific discoveries and meaningful technological inventions and contribute to all mankind.
We advocate carrying forward scientific spirit, pursuing scientific truth and developing scientific culture.
At present, we need to make the spirit of science deeply rooted in people’s minds at the cultural level. There are still some problems in our scientific circles, such as impetuous atmosphere, short-term success and short-term profit, and lack of initiative spirit, which limit the cultivation and development of scientific spirit. Outside the scientific world, unscientific things are easy to catch on, and anti-scientific things come out from time to time.
Science is truth-seeking, rational, empirical and critical. To seek truth is to strive diligently to explore the unknown world and become a spark to light up the future; to be rational is to realize the leap from the natural kingdom to the free kingdom; to be empirical is to repeat any discovery, invention and creation; to be critical is to be judgmental and rigorous. With the spirit of scientific scepticism, scientists must have critical thinking. Without criticism, there will be no science, without criticism, there will be no innovation. Excellent scientists should be the most severe critics of their own work.
Science advocates blooming flowers and promoting personality. Scientists should tolerate each other and share beauty. The responsibility of science is not to be self-confident or self-respecting. Discussions, debates, validations and refutations should be welcomed and continued progress should be made in a rational and sound environment. Young people do not follow suit, nor flatter; successful people should not celebrate with their peers or huddle for warmth; senior people should learn from Mr. Zhou Guangzhao to constantly discover and support young people. All excellent scientists should pay attention to self-cultivation. They should be builders of a good scientific environment, not polluters.
Scientific knowledge belongs to all mankind. It is the beacon that illuminates the world. Science is easy to share and many people can benefit from it once it is disseminated. It is the social responsibility of scientists to develop scientific culture, to disseminate science for society, to help the public to provide professional judgment, to inspire the curiosity and scientific dreams of teenagers. Exchange of science and promotion of international cooperation are the road of common progress of mankind. We call on the international community to return to the common sense of scientific internationalization, abandon cultural isolation and intolerance, build a rational community of human scientific and technological destiny, commit itself to the progress of science and technology, and overcome the common threats facing mankind.
Far from the era when science is only social enlightenment and leaving research for personal livelihood, our scientists should shoulder the responsibility of guiding scientific development with intelligence, make meaningful discoveries or inventions in their own work, and make their own efforts in the construction of social science and culture, so as to promote China’s development and promotion. The quality of the Chinese nation has made its due contribution to human civilization.
This is the mission of scientists and the responsibility of science.