The first Hongmeng OS terminal glory smart screen was officially released, starting at 3799 yuan


Reporter Qiu Xiaobin
On August 10, at the Huawei Developers Conference, honorary president Zhao Ming officially released the honorable wisdom screen.
The first Glory Wisdom Screen will be equipped with the Heis Honggu 818 Wisdom Chip and the lifting AI camera. This is the world’s first product to adopt Huawei Hongmeng OS and the first product of Huawei’s smart screen strategy. At the meeting, Zhao Ming, President of Glory, announced the price of the Glory Wisdom Screen series: the standard version of the Glory Wisdom Screen is 3799 yuan (55 inch standard version), and the Pro of the Glory Wisdom Screen is 4799 yuan (55 inch high-matching PRO version), which will be pre-sold on August 10 and officially launched on August 15. At present, the whole line of new products has been booked in Vmall, Jingdong, Tianmao and Glorious Private Selection, and will be first sold at 10:08 on August 15.
Zhao Ming introduced that the frame of the smart screen Pro uses metal streamer style and seamless bending technology. At the same time, the Glory Wisdom Screen uses 55 inches 4K resolution A + level IPS high-definition hard screen, with 87% NTSC wide gamut, 20% more color than other large screen products, 360 NIT high brightness, more transparent and balanced picture. In addition, smart screen supports intelligent picture quality adjustment function, automatic recognition of different types of video content, automatic matching on contrast, color, dynamic picture quality and other parameters (only support Huawei video source), intelligent matching mode: cinema, sports, pictures, children, standards, games and other scenes.
In terms of sound quality, PRO version has 6 10-watt loudspeakers, standard version has 4 10-watt loudspeakers, and full-frequency unit uses Japanese silk diaphragm. The Intelligent Screen Integration’s Hanning technology improves the sound quality experience through five algorithms. Intelligent tone quality adjustment automatically identifies different types of video content, automatically adjusts the tone quality to the best according to the needs of the scene, and intelligently matches modes: cinema, sports, music, news, standards, games and other scenes.
Honghuo 818 smart chip uses A73+A53 dual-architecture 4-core CPU and 4-core G51 CPU. It has multi-task memory access scheduling technology that makes bandwidth utilization more than 50% ahead of the industry, and makes the Glorious Smart Screen respond quickly and run smoothly. The chip also integrates the Magic Picture Quality Engine and Huawei Histen Sound Optimizing Technology, bringing the ultimate sound rendering capability to the Glorious Wisdom Screen.
In addition to the Hongying 818 smart chip, the Glory Smart Screen also has a dedicated NPU chip for the elevating camera and a flagship mobile Wi-Fi chip. The three-core collaboration brings excellent experience and more possibilities for the Glory Smart Screen. The lifting AI camera equipped with Hess Hi3516DV300 NPU chip can realize high-definition video communication with large and small screens. It will also have AI capabilities such as face recognition, portrait tracking and posture detection to expand a variety of intelligent communication scenarios for the glorious smart screen. The Hess Hi1103 WI-FI chip is the first in the world to support 160MHz bandwidth and 2.4G/5G. The dual-frequency optimization of Hz WI-FI enables users to automatically connect better frequency bands in different usage states.
In addition, Pro version is equipped with a lift camera to support 1080P HD calls. It supports video calls between mobile phones and smart screens, smart screens and smart screens. Cameras will only rise when needed, usually hidden, to ensure user privacy. Official introduction of cameras support wide-angle, and carry intelligent low-light technology, even in the evening living room without light, the camera can also use large screen light source to intelligent supplement light. For radio, it is configured to pick up the sound at the farthest 5 meters, with a high fidelity of 44.1 kHz.
At the same time, HONOR Magic-link magic flash function can put the content displayed on Huawei’s mobile phone into the smart screen. The mobile phone and the big screen need not download any APP. The mobile phone can drop videos, pictures and games onto the screen by touching the random attached NFC tag.
Finally, YOYO voice assistant is built into the Glory Wisdom Screen. Users can wake up the voice assistant through “Hello YOYO”, and query Encyclopedia knowledge, content/application search, video/music broadcast control, etc. On the edge of Glory Smart Screen, six high-sensitivity MIC arrays are arranged evenly, which can recognize voice information within 5 meters. Glory official said that the smart screen is the first 6MIC scheme landing on the large screen in the industry. The wake-up rate within 5 meters is 95%, and the wake-up rate within 3 meters is 98%.
At present, Huawei HiLink products can be supported, and can also be connected with some third-party household appliances cloud platform, such as the smart home platform of Mei Mei (Mei Yun). More and more third-party smart home products will join HiLink in the future.
In addition, Zhao Ming promised again at the launch that there would be no advertisement for the glory smart screen switch.