The 4+1 strategy of Ping An Hao Doctor has been fully implemented, with an income of 2.273 billion yuan in six months.


After several business explorations, Ping An Hao doctor handed in the answer sheet. On August 6, the first group of safe and good doctors in Internet medicine announced in 2019.
After several business explorations, Ping An Hao doctor handed in the answer sheet.
On August 6, the first group of Ping An Hao Doctors in Internet Medical Services released their mid-term performance report for 2019. The report shows that in the first half of 2019, the income of Ping An Hao Doctors in various business sectors maintained a good growth trend, achieving a total income of RMB 2.273 billion yuan, an increase of 102.4% over the previous year, and a gross profit of RMB 492 million yuan, an increase of 59% over the previous year.
Detailed into a business sector, the core business of online medical revenue 336 million yuan, an increase of 80.5% year-on-year, and contributed 35% of the gross profit. The gross profit contribution of the consumer medical business ranked second, accounting for 27%.
At the same time, the operating efficiency of the platform is greatly improving, which is reflected in the sharp decline in sales and management costs, the narrowing of operating losses, and finally, the net loss at the end of the period decreased by 38% compared with the same period last year.
More importantly, as a platform to cover multi-level diagnosis and treatment, as of 30 June 2019, the number of registered users of Ping An Hao doctors has reached 289 million, an increase of 24.1 million compared with the end of 2018. The number of end-of-term monthly payers (MPUs) also reached 2229,000, an increase of 61.2% over the same period last year.
Industry leaders handed in such transcripts undoubtedly injected a strong heart into the whole field of Internet health care. On the day of the report’s release, Ping An Hao Doctor’s share price rose nearly 8% against the market.
In fact, just a few days before the publication of the Zhongbao by Ping’an Hao Doctor, the relevant policies were in advance. On July 31, the State Medical Insurance Bureau announced that rules on Internet medical fees were being formulated, the first draft had been completed, and the final draft would be published in September this year. At that time, Internet medical services will gradually be incorporated into the national medical insurance reimbursement system.
_Ping An Hao Doctor Mid-term Performance Report Conference in 2019
At this press conference, Wang Tao, chairman and CEO of Ping An Health Internet Co., Ltd., opened the meeting by sharing the latest policy trends. He disclosed to the media that over 85% of Ping An Hao doctors’online inquiries are free services. On the one hand, it is to cultivate users’ online medical habits. On the other hand, it is also from the user’s point of view: online hospitals can pay by swiping medical insurance cards. Why should they pay online?
“We are betting that one day we can also brush the medical insurance card to see a doctor in a safe and sound hospital. We are betting that this day will come soon. I think the day of gambling five years ago will come soon. I’m right. Referring to five years of entrepreneurship, Wang Tao could hardly hide his excitement. “As a listed company that insists on Cultivating in the field of Internet medical services, our mood is extremely exciting.”
In the past six months, Ping’an Hao Doctor has created an open and huge Internet medical ecosystem through multi-channel expansion, while commercializing online medical, medical AI, private doctors and other products. Wang Tao believes that this kind of ecological construction can not only provide more abundant medical and health services for users, but also fully support the rapid development of the company’s various businesses.
Looking back on the revenue data of Ping An Hao Doctor since its establishment, it is not difficult to find that it has maintained a high growth rate. By the end of 2018, the compound growth rate of the whole year’s income in the past three years was more than 120%. In the Internet industry, which generally depends on burning money and transfusing blood for a living, such financial performance can not be separated from the construction of ecological fighting methods and long-term strategic layout.
If Ping An Hao Doctor is a martial artist in the solo walk industry, the product lines in the ecological circle are like friends who pull knives to help each other, escort them, deliver “shells” at any time, and finally move forward side by side.
Here, the Health Knowledge Bureau combed the “circle of friends” of Ping An Hao doctors.
Take the lead in the market, the number of users increased by 24.1 million compared with the end of 2018
In the field of internet, the users are in the world. According to Wang Tao, Ping An Hao doctors want to make data profitable easily and at any time, but more importantly, they want to occupy the market in the internet medical industry and take the lead.
Nowadays, while searching for a profit model for Internet health care, cooperation with commercial insurance and membership system are the main sources of income for enterprises. Obviously, Ping An Hao Doctor has a unique advantage in this respect: the Zhongbao newspaper shows that up to 30 June this year, the paid membership products of Ping An Hao Doctor have served more than 1.4 million members. Among them, online health care continued to grow at a high speed, with business income of 336 million yuan, an increase of 80.5% compared with the previous year; end-of-term monthly payers (MPUs) reached 22.29 million, an increase of 61.2% compared with the previous year.
It is undeniable that the emergence of internet medical treatment represents a new development direction of the whole medical industry. It is conducive to solving the contradiction between the imbalance of medical resources in China and people’s increasing demand for health care. It is a medical development mode actively guided and supported by the state.
According to the analysis, the main reasons for the difficulty of seeing a doctor are uneven distribution of medical resources and disorder of traditional medical process. Aiming at these painful points, Internet medicine can optimize the allocation of medical resources, reengineer the process of diagnosis and treatment, and improve the links of inquiry, examination, treatment, prescription of drugs and post-diagnosis management.
For this reason, Internet medical enterprises are cooperating with third-party commercial insurance companies and financial institutions. By the end of July this year, Ping An Hao doctor has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Fangzheng Life, Pearl River Life, Minsheng Life and Everbright Bank of Peking University to upgrade the business model and service of insurance policy users for insurance companies and financial institutions, and jointly solve the pain points and difficulties of medical treatment for insurance and financial users. 。
With the continuous expansion of the ecological network, Ping An Hao Doctor provides all-round capabilities for partners from service, operation to technology. At the same time, the expansion of offline channels has brought considerable traffic to the online platform, as well as potential paying users, in order to further accelerate the cash flow of the Internet platform. By the end of 2018, the cumulative contribution income of members’products cooperated by Ping An Hao doctors and insurance institutions exceeded that of hospitals, with more than 1 million members serving insurance, accounting for nearly 6% of the total revenue.
That is to say, in the group of “friends” of Ping’an Good Doctor, the partners will not only hold a place of people, but also a place of money.
Strengthen Operation and Continuously Promote 4+1 Strategy

Since 2018, the state has introduced a number of policies to encourage the development of the Internet + health care industry. Especially recently, the official website information of the State Medical Security Bureau shows that the preliminary draft of the rules on Internet medical fees has been completed, and relevant rules are expected to be issued by the end of September.
Opportunities are always reserved for those who are ready. Prior to this, Ping An Hao Doctor has built the leading AI auxiliary diagnosis and treatment system in the world, relying on the mature operation ability of the Internet platform. In January 2019, Pinghao Doctor officially released the 4+1 strategy of hospital cloud, pharmacy cloud, clinic cloud, village doctor cloud and internationalization.
As of June 30, 2019, Ping An Hao doctors have reached strategic cooperation agreements with nearly 50 offline hospitals, and gradually launched the construction of an Internet hospital management platform integrating online diagnosis and treatment platform, prescription sharing platform and commercial insurance payment platform to realize and implement the government’s policies and requirements for Internet hospitals.
Not only that, Ping An Hao Doctor’s “Drugstore Cloud” aims at enabling pharmacies to create new retail formats. By the end of the reporting period, more than 32,000 new retail pharmacies had access to a series of medical and health services such as Ping An Hao Doctor’s online consultation and one-hour delivery of medicines.
By the end of June 2019, 47,000 clinics had access to the clinic cloud, covering 31 provinces and 21 cities, including general clinics, general practice clinics, stomatology, traditional Chinese medicine and other specialized clinics. Among them, in Shenzhen and Harbin, through the clinics of Ping An Hao doctors, nearly 3,000 clinics have opened up the function of medical insurance reimbursement payment.
In June 2019, Pinghao Doctor officially launched a new strategic product, Pinghao Doctor Private Doctor. Through a team of experts composed of one-to-one exclusive private doctor and famous doctors from the top 100 famous hospitals in the country, Pinghao Doctor provides users with 7 x 24 hours of all-round active medical and health services.
While developing the domestic market, Pinghao Doctors will export their strong scientific and technological strength and rich experience of Internet medical operation to overseas markets.
In 2018, Pinghao Doctor set up a joint venture with Grab, the largest oxygen platform in Southeast Asia, which is expected to provide Indonesian local users with a range of medical and health services, including online consultation and health mall. In 2019, Ping An Hao Doctor formally entered Japan’s online medical and health field and established a joint venture with Softbank.
Referring to the development of the Japanese market, Fan Yin, managing director of Ping An Hao Doctor, recalled that before the investment of Softbank, the company’s international layout had begun. Sun Zhengyi, founder of Softbank Group, expressed great optimism about the cooperation, “because he felt that our technology and business model could be replicated to the world.”
In this “circle of friends” grouping of hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, village doctors and international markets, friends give traffic entrance, safe and sound doctors are empowered by the Internet ability, a top-down, from the inside to the outside comprehensive graded diagnosis and treatment curtain is opening.
Integrating Demand and Providing All-round Service System
In recent years, the development of the Internet has subverted traditional industries, or combined with traditional industries to derive new opportunities, the Internet medical field is no exception.
From the actual situation of China’s medical industry, on the one hand, although there is a policy of graded diagnosis and treatment, the distribution of medical resources is still uneven. According to the data of the Health Care Commission, the total number of hospitalizations in China increased by 4.2% compared with the previous year. The annual hospitalization rate increased from 17.6% in 2017 to 18.2%. High-quality medical resources are still gathering in head hospitals. The huge base has caused tremendous pressure on head hospitals.
In fact, many chronic diseases can be solved online to save patients from queuing in third-class hospitals, and to give Internet medical care a new business opportunity.
At the same time, in recent years, the state and local governments have promulgated a series of policies to liberalize restrictions. The development of Internet hospitals has also gradually solved the problem of prescription drugs. After on-line consultation, users immediately transferred to online drug purchasing, and then extended to the delivery of O2 O. The whole process has gradually developed into a mature business model.
Nowadays, in addition to online diagnosis and treatment platform, many public hospitals have developed small programs to meet the basic online diagnosis and treatment needs. Pharmaceutical e-commerce has also opened pharmacies, and each drug delivery APP also provides one hour home service. At this time, the major Internet giants entered the board. “Internet plus medical” has become a new outlet for the second half of the Internet competition.
At present, Pinghao Doctor Platform has opened a one-stop service of online consultation-outpatient registration-medical treatment-purchasing-medicine-health management-family doctor. It forms a closed-loop service of online consultation and online drug purchasing, online consultation and offline medical treatment arrangement, covering 7X24-hour online consultation, referral and registration, hospitalization arrangement and second consultation intention. See health management and other services.
_Safe and good doctor’s quick consultation
It is generally believed in the industry that the demand of users for the medical industry is very complex, and the future development will rely on the Internet giants to provide comprehensive and three-dimensional services, in order to effectively solve the problem of medical treatment and provide new health management services.
In Wang Tao’s view, the explosive growth of Internet medical treatment will usher in an important window in the next two or three years. Before the tipping point arrives, we must contact a large number of patients directly. In China, the number of outpatient visits has exceeded 8 billion in the whole year, and the industry hopes that 30% of outpatient traffic can be completed through the Internet in the future. “Among these 30 percent, the number of Internet patients received by Ping An Hao doctors ranks first.” Wang Tao said.
To this end, in addition to the aforementioned partners, Ping An Hao Doctor’s “circle of friends” is continuing to add new. On May 15 this year, Ping’an Hao Doctor and Wyeth Nutrition reached strategic cooperation, and launched all-round cooperation in new medical health services, new technology applications, business and the integration of membership system. They jointly constructed a new ecology of “mother and child + medical health”, and also introduced 12 million Wyeth Mother’s Club members to Ping’an Hao Doctor. It is reported that Pinghao Doctor will equip Wyeth high-end members with one-to-one exclusive private doctors with average seniority of more than 10 years to act as health housekeepers for mothers and newborns, bringing all-round one-stop medical and health services for mothers and infants.

At the end of July, Quzhou Health and Health Commission signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ping An Hao doctors to build Ping An Internet Hospital in Quzhou. This cooperation integrates the medical resources of local entities with the “Internet plus medical health” mode of Ping an good doctor, expands the ecosystem of hospitals, doctors and patients, and promotes the medical service reform of “running at most”.
Following the 8% jump in the share price on the day of the release of the Zhongbao newspaper, the following day as of the publication of this article, the share price of Ping An Hao Doctor rose 9.54%.