I saw the performance of Hongmeng OS on the Glory Wisdom Screen ahead of time, so I’m more looking forward to it – PingWest.


I saw the performance of Hongmeng OS on the Glory Wisdom Screen in advance, so I look forward to it more.
On August 10, Glory officially released the smart screen, which is the first TV product of Glory and the first step for Huawei system to enter the field of large screen. The highlight of this product is that the Glory Wisdom Screen is the first product to carry the Harmony OS operating system.
Just the day before, Huawei released Hongmeng OS in Shenzhen. According to public information, Hongmeng OS is developed using Linux to accelerate with the Ark Compiler. In the future, the core in Hongmeng OS architecture will merge the previous Linux kernel, Hongmeng OS microkernel and LiteOS into a Hongmeng OS microkernel.
At the conference, Huawei stressed that Hongmeng OS will take the lead in the application of smart watches, smart screens, on-board equipment, smart speakers and other smart terminals. In other words, Huawei should take the lead of Hongmeng OS to make an ecosystem of its own.
We are curious: What new experience can Hongmeng OS bring to smart TV?
The Glorious Wisdom Screen is equipped with Heise’s strongest display chip, Honghuo 818 smart chip, A73+A53 dual-architecture 4-core CPU and 4-core G51 GPU. It is the highest chip within 10,000 yuan. The operating logic of Hongmeng OS is no different from most smart TV on the market. Users can use it quickly. It is worth mentioning that the remote controller of Glory Smart Screen uses the charging interface of type-C to avoid the trouble of temporary no power and no spare battery.
After booting, the Glory Wisdom Screen did not actually start advertising, the whole machine into the system for a very short time, the first impression is very plus points.
From the image effect point of view, the details and color performance of Glory Wisdom Screen are quite good, especially the dark details are well preserved; even compared with the higher-priced Friends products, it also has certain advantages.
The field staff introduced that the Glory Wisdom Screen is equipped with seven technologies, including MEMC high-speed motion picture shake-proof, ACM color-matching technology, 87% NTSC wide gamut technology, and can automatically identify different types of video content, and perform intelligent matching on contrast, color, dynamic picture quality and other parameters. Generally speaking, the Glory Wisdom Screen has obvious advantages in image effect.
In the sound effect part, the Glory Wisdom Screen integrates Huawei Histen optimization technology to help you perceive good sound quality with algorithm, while not making too obvious adjustments to the sound itself. As you can see in the video, the Glory Wisdom Screen provides a very wide range of voice, with a very high degree of separation and recognition, and feels more like a listening style.
It is worth mentioning that Glory Wisdom Screen is the first large screen device in the world to support wireless HWA Bluetooth protocol and Bluetooth 5.0 certification. When connecting Bluetooth devices, it will not sacrifice sound quality. This means that you can watch TV with a Bluetooth headset, not only without affecting your experience, but also without disturbing others.
On the top of the Glory Wisdom Screen is a lifting camera, which will be used when calling Mirror App and Video Call Software, and automatically retrieved when not in use to prevent privacy leaks. As you all know, if you have an elderly person in your home, you can give him a smartphone that supports video calls, but most of the time the elderly person is not able to use it. If you have the Glory Wisdom Screen, you can call each other directly with two big televisions to make video calls. Mobile phones and Glory Wisdom Screen can also directly interact with animation, which is more convenient than mobile phones and better experience than mobile phones.
If the elderly in your family are not familiar with smart TV, the “magic control screen” function of Glory Smart Screen allows you to control TV remotely. In a non-Wi-Fi environment, all of this is based on mobile network and Huawei cloud service, and the selection and broadcast are completed at one go.
Compared with the traditional TV projection screen, the Glory Wisdom Screen brings a function called “magic flash projection”. It’s different from the traditional projection screen. When you buy the Glory Smart Screen, you will be given an NFC patch. You can paste the patch on the remote control or other scenes where you can use TV more conveniently. Then you can use Huawei or Glory Mobile to touch the NFC directly, and then you can put the picture of your mobile phone on TV. Up, and there’s almost no delay.
That is to say, whether you play a game on a big screen or brush a trembler, magic flicker can give you a different experience. Suppose you don’t have a good eye for chickens, and the big screen comes with an eight-fold mirror. That’s really cool. At present, most of the mobile phone projection on the market, only mobile video on television, now you can do real-time projection, it has to say that “magic flash casting” is still very promising.
Through experience, we believe that the Glory Wisdom Screen is fully qualified for the role of smart TV. Although it’s only the first TV product of Glory, it has great potential as a whole because of the help of Hongmeng OS. At present, the Glory Wisdom Screen can perfectly control Huawei’s smart home products, such as a button to open the smart home, smart doorbell call TV direct response and other functions.
Overall, whether it’s Hongmeng OS or Glory Wisdom Screen, it’s already a mature product. Let’s look forward to the fact that Huawei’s future work in the field of intelligent products may really bring a very different experience.