The 5G signal will cover the key areas of Tongzhou District in the year.


Original Title: 5G Signal will cover key areas of Tongzhou District within the year
This newspaper (reporter Li Zewei) Tongzhou District recently held a 5G planning and construction and industrial development seminar, at which it was revealed that by December this year, the three major operators of mobile, telecommunications and Unicom will build more than 1300 5G base stations in Tongzhou, opening more than 400 in advance.
At that time, the 5G signal coverage in key areas of Tongzhou will be realized. The progress of work in eight key areas will also be introduced. It is understood that the 5G industry applications negotiated in the sub-center area of the city include the industrial Internet cooperation projects of the global theme park, key hospitals, key campuses and large traditional industries. At present, the Global Theme Park has signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement with enterprises, and has reached a specific application scenario on Intelligent parking, which is now under construction and coverage. The scenarios of Luhe Hospital, Tongzhou Hospital of Friendship Hospital, Tongzhou Hospital of Peking University People’s Hospital, such as pre-hospital medical tele-first aid, tele-operation guidance and tele-consultation, have reached strategic cooperation intention with enterprises, and are in the 5G construction exploration stage.