New Birds Open Professional Supply Chain Services for Import with Goods to Create “Star” Online Specialized Stores


DoNews, Aug. 8 (Reporter Zhai Jiru), Tianmao International officially launched “Overseas Exclusive Stores” on August 8, opening up import goods and cross-border supply chain capabilities to celebrities such as Jingtian, to create online exclusive stores for them.
Star Talent Overseas exclusive stores all use the global supply chain service. At present, Jing Tian and other people’s shop products have entered the national bonded warehouse of rookies, which can be quickly delivered to consumers.
In terms of process, for example, the newcomer, Jing Tiandian opened on the 8th day. The first batch of goods in the shop came from Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, the United States, Italy, Japan and Switzerland. Take the Delong Fugudos stove recommended by Jingtian as an example. The products are produced in Italy. The first-trip service of novice birds is to pick up goods directly from Italian factories and handle export customs clearance. It arrives at Shanghai port by sea, and then enters bonded warehouse by using the service of arriving warehouse.
Sun Beibei, head of global supply chain for novice birds, said that at present, novice birds can take delivery directly to 142 ports of origin in 33 countries and regions worldwide, saving 10% of the average cost for businesses and increasing the timeliness by 5 to 10 days.