Jingdong Group’s Strategic Investment “Living without Worry” Accelerates the Depression of Low-Line Market Layout Users Science and Technology Tencent Network


Tencent News Author Sun Hongchao
On August 8, Jingdong Group completed its strategic investment in the life-care of household commodity chain enterprises. This strategic cooperation will help Jingdong expand its offline entrance to low-level cities and attract more sinking users who pursue the price-performance ratio of commodities.
At the same time, Jingdong will also set up a supply chain joint venture company with LifeFree Care, using the intelligent supply chain technology of Jingdong and the supply chain system of LifeFree Care to build the supply chain of household goods and the exclusive brand of Jingdong. In addition to providing exclusive preferential commodities to satisfy sinking users, Jingdong will also explore the supply chain service providers outside. Business model. This strategic investment will speed up the downward strategic landing of Jingdong for low-line cities, increase consumer access, and cover the downward users of low-line cities with innovative supply chains and commodity scale. In addition, life-free overseas expansion is expected to integrate with the layout of overseas retail infrastructure in Jingdong in the future.
According to the data, worry-free life is located in the off-line affordable life and home chain stores in the cities of 345, through direct links between factories and consumers, to reduce the intermediate links and improve the efficiency of the supply chain. Living Care Store mainly sells its own brand product “Living Care-free LATTLIV”. The existing stores and future expansion plans are centered on low-level cities. Up to now, carefree shops have covered 170 counties and cities in 28 provinces, of which nearly 75% are located in cities below the third and fourth lines.