Doubt cloud! This e-commerce “sudden death” office people go to the empty building without delivery and refund difficult! ___________


Original Title: Suspicious Cloud! This e-commerce “sudden death”! The office worker goes to the building empty ___________. No delivery, refund difficult! How do consumers protect their rights?
Shangpin, a well-known luxury e-commerce platform in China, once enjoyed great popularity, but it has been quiet for a long time. Recently, it has been found that after nine years of operation, Shangpin has entered bankruptcy liquidation procedure because of its poor financing restructuring. Shangpin has announced the suspension of service on its App side.
In May and June this year, Shangpin also held two promotions, but suddenly went bankrupt and liquidated a few days later. Such a rapid change is called “sudden death”.
Today, CCTV financial and economic reporters visited Shangpin’s office site on the spot.
Bankruptcy liquidation of luxury goods e-commerce network
Office workers go to the empty building
This morning, CCTV financial and economic reporters came to an industrial park in Chaoyang District, Beijing where Shangpin is located. The property staff of the park said that Shangpin has withdrawn its rent from the third floor of Block A of the park, and no one is working here at present.
Reporters noted that outside the A office building, the original Shangpin Logo has been withdrawn.
Property workers of an industrial park in Chaoyang District, Beijing: They owe a rent of 1.2 million yuan.
In addition, Shangpin net staff confirmed to CCTV financial reporters that they had received the email notice of termination of the labor contract from the company. According to the email, salaries and compensation payments in June and July will be paid after the bankruptcy proceedings, and social security and provident fund payments for employees will be suspended from August.
On July 30, Shangpin posted an announcement on App, indicating that the company could not continue to provide services to users because of the unfavorable financing restructuring and business hindrance. Earlier, there were already some signs that Shangpin’s operations had encountered difficulties.
Employee of Shangpin: The salary in April was expended on May 15, which is equivalent to a five-day delay. Wages were in arrears in May until the end of June. Wages have not been paid since June and July. I was informed on July 30 that there would be no office space for the company to be sealed on the evening of July 30.
Ms. Jiang, Shanghai Consumer: In mid-June, I found something wrong, but I didn’t pay attention to it. I also found that the well-known brands in China, how can they be sold out on Shangpin? Now think of it, it should be the brand side does not cooperate with Shangpin, so all products are offline.
Despite these developments, Shangpin launched two promotions in May and June, respectively.
Ms. Mao, Hangzhou Consumer: On June 17, I bought a bag on Shangpin App. All the discounts were reduced to less than 5,000 yuan. Until early August, it had been out of stock from suppliers. About two or three times after the rush, the customer service personnel said that they had already registered, but further refund information to wait for the company to reply, the customer service personnel did not return me.
Shangpin employees: One or two hundred complaints a day. Reporting complaints with the leaders, the leaders did not tell us what the situation was.
Shangpin Gateway Link Company has set up bankruptcy liquidation group
As early as May and June, Shangpin has had financial difficulties and even failed to pay employees, but why did it carry out two promotional activities? Are there any problems with this approach of e-commerce platform?
CCTV financial reporters tried to contact Shangpin many times today, but the phone was unanswered.
The latest news shows that Shangpin Baizi, the main operator of Shangpin, has set up a bankruptcy liquidation group. Experts said that since most e-commerce platforms belong to the operation of light assets, entering the bankruptcy liquidation process shows that they are seriously insolvent.
Zhu Wei, deputy director of Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law: An e-commerce platform like this may have found its financing difficulties long ago, and should have stopped operating because he knew he had received the money and could not deliver the goods. But the operators still continue to operate, resulting in a lot of consumers’rights and interests have been greatly damaged, in the middle of this time difference, I think there are human factors in it.
And many consumers still have no way to protect their rights. In a group of Wechat, CCTV financial reporters saw that nearly 70 consumers reported that they had paid but were late to receive the goods.
Wang Congwei, lawyer of Jingshi Law Firm: According to the law, when the liquidation team finally liquidates the bankrupt enterprise property, it should give priority to the salary of employees within its assets. For the part that exceeds the salary of employees, it will pay off some other ordinary debts.
Lawyers said that in such circumstances, ordinary consumers are not likely to get payment.
Wang Congwei, lawyer of Jingshi Law Firm: As a consumer, we can collect the evidence of placing orders and paying at that time, and then through judicial channels, we can sue Shangpin. com for the cause of contract disputes, and Shangpin. com is responsible for breach of contract.