CITIC Capital has completed the fourth China Fund raising, reaching the target size of 2.8 billion US dollars original investment circle


CITIC Capital’s private equity unit announced that it had successfully completed the collection of the fourth China M&A fund with a total size of $2.8 billion.
The investment community (Wechat ID: pedaily2012) reported on August 8 that the private equity investment department of Citic Capital Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Citic Capital”) announced that it had successfully completed the offering of the fourth China Merger and Acquisition Fund (CITIC Capital China Partners IV, L.P. hereinafter referred to as CCCP IV) with a total size of 2.8 billion US dollars. Set and reach the target upper limit. This is the largest fund raised by CITIC Capital Private Equity Investment Department so far. After the completion of the fund raising, the total assets of CITIC Capital Management exceed $26 billion.
This is the third China Private Equity Fund successfully raised by CITIC Capital in 2017, which has received strong support from both existing and new investors. These investors come from all over the world and are widely distributed, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, large financial institutions, family offices and parent funds.
CITIC Capital Holding Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, which is an investment management and consultancy company specializing in alternative investment. The company’s core business includes private equity investment, real estate investment, structural financing and asset management. It manages more than $26 billion of assets for diversified international institutional investors. CITIC Capital’s private equity investment department pays attention to global holding acquisition opportunities. So far, more than 70 investments have been completed in China, Japan, the United States and Europe, with a total fund management of $7.4 billion.
Zhang Yichen, chairman and CEO of CITIC Capital, said: “We are very grateful to investors for their trust and support. This successful fund-raising is a full affirmation of our private equity team’s past outstanding achievements. Its core members joined us as early as the founding of CITIC Capital. Although the global and domestic environment is facing some challenges, we are confident of China’s long-term growth potential. We believe that CCCP IV will bring considerable returns to investors with our deep network resources and excellent value creation ability in China.
It is understood that CCCP IV is a US dollar fund. It will continue to focus on consumption, health care, business services, consumer services, information technology and industry. It will also benefit from the rich experience of CITIC Capital Team in acquiring non-core businesses and cross-border transactions of enterprises, as well as its unique Chinese perspective in the process of value-added for enterprises. 。 CCCP IV has completed transactions to date, including the acquisition of leading cosmetics e-commerce service providers Youneng and outstanding logistics equipment recycling solution providers Merchants Lukai.
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