Samsung announced the world’s first 7Nm EUV chip, Exynos 9825


[Photo Source: Samsung Owner: Samsung]
On August 7, 2019, Samsung officially released Exynos 9825, the world’s first 7-nm EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography) chip, according to
Official information shows that the SoC uses Samsung’s 7-nanometer EUV process, which can improve transistor performance by 20-30% and reduce power consumption by 30-50%. It integrates the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and is designed for the next generation of mobile experience from artificial intelligence to augmented reality.
To maintain energy efficiency, Exynos 9825 carries two custom cores, two Cortex-A75 cores and four Cortex-A55 cores. However, Samsung has not yet announced the clock speed of the three-cluster CPU configuration, which is expected to be announced at the conference. In addition, its GPU is Mali-G76, which is the same as the GPU of Exynos 9820.
Samsung said the clock speeds of Mali-G76 and Cortex-A75 were faster, which made Exynos 9825 faster than Exynos 9820 in “internal testing”.
It is worth mentioning that Samsung Exynos 9825 also integrates NPU to help improve AI imaging and AR applications. It can identify objects, select ideal scenes, and with the help of image signal processor (ISP), users can get a more outstanding and balanced experience. In addition, NPU will also intelligently identify the usage patterns of smartphone users and support faster application preloading.
On the baseband side, Exynos 9825 integrates 4G LTE Advanced Pro modem and supports 8x Carrier Aggregation, which can achieve downlink rate of 2Gbps and upstream rate of 316Mbps. In addition, the 7Nm EUV chip also supports 5G connection, seamless connection with Samsung’s own 5G baseband (Exynos Modem 5100).
Samsung also said that its latest Exynos 9825 multi-format codec (MFC) supports up to 8K video coding (30FPS), 4K coding (150FPS) and 10-bit HEVC (H.265) codec.
In addition, Exynos 9825 can also support 4K UHD resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels and WQUXGA resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels. At the same time, Exynos 9825 also supports UFS 3.0 storage.
It is almost certain that Exynos 9825 will be installed in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 mobile phone series, which will be launched in New York on Wednesday, August 8, 2019, and Leifeng will continue to pay attention to it.
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