Anchor “His Highness Jopineau” and “Safflower Club Beibei” are blacklisted and can not be broadcast live on the Internet within five years.


According to the official Wechat Public Number News of the Network Performance Live Broadcasting Branch of the China Performance Industry Association, according to the “blacklist” management system of the network performance (live broadcasting) industry anchors (trial implementation), the network performance (live broadcasting) branch of the China Performance Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the “branch”) is now announcing the third batch of blacklists of anchors to the community. The blacklisted broadcasters will be banned from registering and broadcasting in the industry for a period of five years.
Recently, some vulgar, malicious speculation, illegal and illegal live broadcasting incidents that hinder public order and good customs have appeared many times, which has aroused widespread concern of the society and damaged the image of the industry. Each live broadcasting platform is strictly self-disciplined and actively assumes the main responsibility. It reports the bad news and evidence of violation to the branch at the first time. The branch organizes a group of experts of the content review committee to examine and verify it. After discussion and approval by the chairman of the branch, it formally determines the third batch of “blacklists” of network performance (live broadcasting) industry anchors. The list is now published as follows: