Shangtang Technologies releases SensePass Pro, a new intelligent product, to expand the application scenario on a larger scale


On August 6, 2019, the world’s leading AI platform company, Shangtang Science and Technology SenseTime, held a new product conference in Shenzhen and launched a new intelligent product, Shangtang Intelligent Face Recognition Integrated Machine SensePass Pro. This product is based on the original deep learning algorithm of Shangtang Technologies, which further expands the landing application of identification and authentication in large-scale traffic scenarios, and innovatively links up the enterprise greeting system, bringing more considerate humanistic care to users.
SensePass Pro uses an 8-inch super-thin appearance design and carries a high-definition binocular camera and Shangtang’s original deep-learning face recognition algorithm, which lays the foundation for its accurate recognition and fast operation in popular scenes. It can automatically capture and recognize the faces of passers-by, and compare it with the face information in the database by 1:N. It only takes 0.3 seconds to complete the extremely fast verification, and the recognition accuracy is as high as 99.99%.
Moreover, SensePass Pro also has a multi-person recognition mode, which supports three simultaneous identification, greatly improving the traffic efficiency per unit time. This new intelligent product also has millisecond off-line recognition ability of 50,000 face libraries, and a fashionable metal appearance with a high sense of technology. It can perfectly match high-end office buildings, business offices or large communities, and can be extended to traffic-intensive buildings, stations, scenic spots, campuses and other larger areas. Passage Scene.
“Seamless connection between entrance guard and enterprise welcome” is the “humanistic care” supported by SensePass Pro innovation. The product has its own greeting interface, which can provide personalized greeting settings to display corporate culture, and then enhance the staff’s sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise. For example, on the employee’s birthday day, the system can cooperate with the display of employee’s exclusive birthday wishes, show a more humanistic, caring and interesting business atmosphere from a subtle point, and transmit the temperature of the enterprise through the power of science and technology.
In addition, the automatic exposure adjustment function of SensePass Pro can be adapted to various illumination environments, such as dark light, backlight, strong light, etc. It has more practicability. The innovative non-supplementary light design adopted by SensePass Pro can achieve the effect of accurate recognition without relying on supplementary light under dark light conditions, and solve the problem of similar products’reinforcing light prick. Eye problems. In addition, the product also supports POE power supply, and provides wall hanging, 86 boxes, vertical, desktop mounting, bracket and other installation methods, which can meet the installation needs of different scenarios and open more intelligent access areas.
Shangtang Technologies is committed to empowering leading AI technologies to different fields and application scenarios, changing people’s lifestyle from the foundation, and creating a more intelligent, convenient and temperate living environment. It is based on this vision that Shangtang launched a new and upgraded intelligent product SensePass Pro. Through larger size design, faster speed, higher recognition accuracy, multi-person simultaneous recognition, personalized greeting settings and other functions, Shangtang realized the application of face recognition machine in larger-scale scenarios, and brought it to enterprises. “Humanistic Care” with a strong sense of science and technology.