People’s Daily commentary Xiaodai: Why is the “life” of 100 million Koi anxious?


Author: Yang Qianchu
Many people may remember that on National Day last year, a lottery microblog made IT engineers “Xin Xiaodao” the most popular “koi carp”, and also triggered the Internet. Hotel accommodation, air ticket, dining vouchers, tickets to scenic spots… Known as the “global single-free package” with a value of nearly 100 million, I really envy others. In order to fully enjoy before the deadline, “Koi” Xin Xiaodai chose to resign and travel around the world. However, 300 days later, the luckiest man said he was “in anxiety”. Invited by the commentator of the Party Newspaper, today we are going to talk about this topic.
Life after winning a prize is often more real than when winning a prize. When I first blogged, I asked, “Do I not need to work for the rest of my life?” Now, Xin Xiaodai has a new answer. On the one hand, many people like to see the sea in Maldives, visit Alaska by cruise ship and so on. On the other hand, in order to catch up with the journey, she often only sleeps for one or two hours a day. The successive transnational flights make her unable to adapt to jet lag, because of excessive “buy and buy” and even brushing credit cards on cruise ships without money to pay. Cost of disembarkation. And for the future, the blogger has become a little confused.
Perhaps the vast number of friends who have not won the prize can be a little relieved to hear this.
A big gift bag that must be consumed seems to increase richness, but in fact limits the right to choose. Economically speaking, “marginal returns are declining”, so does Xin Xiaodao’s mood. When you can travel every day, stopping becomes an exception; when every journey is concerned, what is scarce is life without being disturbed. Traveling in the five oceans, tourism has become a new task, tourism has become a new job, fantasy leisure, to the opposite of leisure. When matter becomes a shackle that must be consumed and a cage that cannot be wiped away, it may be that “thing” is the opposite. Perhaps, at this time, Xin Xiaodai can better understand the meaning of “stealing half a day’s leisure” from both positive and negative aspects. The French poet Baudelaire said quietly at an early age: “After considering all the factors, people find that work is not so boring as pleasure.”
“Koi life” is not easy, but “post Koi life” will be more difficult. Economist Dussenberry once proposed “ratcheting effect”. That is to say, consumption decision-making is irreversible, easy to adjust upwards, but difficult to adjust downwards, which is mainly affected by consumption habits. Changing to the old Chinese saying is “from thrift to luxury, from luxury to frugality”. Because if you buy an expensive pair of shoes, you have to have the same matching trousers, you have to have the same weight bag, and the glasses seem to be qualified… Because of the luxury cruise, how can we not afford to spend lavishly? This is the rising tide of consumption. But the biggest problem with winning the prize is unsustainability. Having been used to playing, would you like to work? Having been accustomed to gifts, how to accept the life without gifts calmly? The confusion of Xin Xiaodai may also be the confusion of many lucky people.
From this point of view, we may be able to look more calmly at “other people’s life” and face up to “our own life”. On Weibo, Xin Xiaodai has more than 1 million fans, many of whom are just for good luck, and she has become the other side of her yearning. But more stories about “being hit by happiness” are not noticed or even intentionally ignored. Recently, there was a news that Roger and his wife won a 1.8 million prize in 2005. Then they quit their good jobs, bought luxury cars and traveled around the world. They thrifted overnight, but now they are separated and Roger has only 7 left in his account. Maybe God didn’t share the eggs with everyone. It’s not unfair. On the contrary, it may be a kind of protection. For most people, it’s much harder to do a good job of “Koi” than to become “Koi”.
Of course, we can be “Koi”, and everyone’s life can and should be brilliant. But the best “splendor” comes from the brilliance of inside and outside, not from the dyeing of life. Because life can bring dyeing luck, there will be fading loss. In the kingdom of necessity, we sometimes think that we can enter the kingdom of freedom if we get rich overnight and have money and leisure. But in fact, the marginal utility may be diminishing. This mountain will look at the mountain and avoid happiness knocking on the door and turning away. The best way is to fight unremittingly. So instead of dreaming of jumping through the dragon gate of life overnight, you might as well hit the water in the middle stream to make you your own “brocade carp”.
This is precisely: the heart for the material service, but a dream pillow Huangliang. Coconut wind and sea shadow, boat car Lawton is also a foreign country. Feeling angry and forgetting food, happy to forget worry and hesitate. Dedicated to work and enjoy the group, the right way on earth is vicissitudes of life.