In the first half of the year, 58,000 fraudulent cases of telecommunication network were uncovered in China.


Original title: 58,000 cases of telecommunication network fraud were uncovered in China in the first half of the year
Yesterday, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the relevant departments of the Ministry of Public Security jointly sponsored the Tencent Guardian Plan to Prevent the New Telecom Network Fraud Public Welfare Action “Micro Anti-Fraud Action”. At the meeting, A Research Report on the governance of telecommunication network fraud (the first half of 2019) was issued. The report shows that in the past three years, public security organs throughout the country have cracked 315,000 cases of telecommunication network fraud, smashed 16,000 criminal gangs and 17,000 nests, investigated and dealt with 146,000 people who committed telecommunication network fraud, and procuratorial organs have approved the arrest of 79,000 people and prosecuted 77,000 people.
Data show that from January to June this year, public security organs at all levels across the country cracked 58,000 cases of telecommunication network fraud, an increase of 3.0% over the same period last year, and arrested 51,400 suspects of telecommunication network fraud, an increase of 32.28% over the same period last year.
Transaction fraud, part-time fraud, friendship fraud, rebate fraud accounted for more than 70% of the total, free gifts fraud, fraud of stealing numbers exist in a small number, the proportion of other types of fraud is comparable, fraud scenarios are generally diversified.
In terms of gender distribution of victims, the proportion of men and women is 63% and 37%, respectively. The number of male victims is nearly twice that of women. Among the top ten types of fraud, except for return fraud, part-time fraud and free delivery fraud, the other types of fraud, such as pornographic fraud, friendship fraud, financial credit fraud, transaction fraud, fraud, low-profit fraud, counterfeit fraud and so on, account for more than half of the male victims.
In terms of geographical distribution, it mainly concentrates in the more developed areas such as South China, Central China and East China, with Guangdong ranking first.
The report shows that the probability of being deceived after 1990 is high, the amount of deceived middle-aged and elderly people is high, and the amount of deceived victims over 45 years old is about 7000 yuan per capita, which is far more than other age groups.
Young people (18-21 years old) who are studying or just entering the society have become the main targets of cheating such as paying rebate, free delivery, low-price lure and recruiting part-time jobs because of their limited economic ability, while young people (22-28 years old) who have certain working experience have already had certain economic foundation on the one hand, and on the other hand, they exist. Because of the objective needs of emotion, marriage and other aspects, the proportion of fraudulent encounters in pornography, online dating and financial credit is relatively high.
In particular, the report mentions that network forwarding and sharing should be cautious, and fissile communication is harmful to oneself. With the extensive coverage of the Internet, fission communication on the Internet has gradually become an important marketing strategy. However, this marketing method has also begun to be used by fraudulent actors. By means of “free delivery” and low-cost lure, victims are tricked to forward and share posters and promotional manuscripts with fraudulent links or two-dimensional codes, so as to enable the fraudulent actors to make use of it. A large number of users were deceived in a short time.
“The Supreme Procuratorate guides procuratorial organs at all levels throughout the country to take effective measures to crack down on various types of telecommunication network fraud in accordance with the law and to create a piece around the goal of”two litres and two drops”in which the number of suspects in investigation and punishment of crimes has increased significantly, the number of cases solved has increased markedly, the number of cases has decreased significantly and the loss of property of the people has decreased markedly. “There is no cheating in the world” in a clear sky. The person in charge of the First Procuratorate Office of the Supreme Procuratorate said. Wen/our reporter Meng Yaxu