The Magic Mirror of Atlas and DFS Group to Achieve Global Cooperation


DoNews, Aug. 5 (Reporter Fei Qianwen) On Aug. 5, Magic Mirror and DFS Group reached a second global cooperation to continue to provide intelligent new retail scenario solutions. On August 1, this year, Art Mirror will bring AR cosmetic test experience to consumers in 25 stores in 13 countries and regions such as DFS, USA, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Macao.
In August last year, the category of DFS and Group mirrors included eye shadow, lipstick, blush and recommended facial makeup based on facial features. In 2019, the two sides expanded the category of cooperation, upgraded the technology, and added 3D sunglasses for trial wear and facial analysis. Now in addition to cosmetic recommendations, you can also recommend appropriate Sunglasses according to face shape. In addition, DFS Group also sees the influence of small and medium-sized red books on women’s purchases of cosmetics and skin care products in Greater China. In this year’s cooperation, a “small red book recommendation” was added to the Mirror of the United States to help consumers make purchasing decisions.
Regarding the second cooperation with DFS Group, Wang Liling, head of the Mirror Business, said: “The second cooperation between the Mirror and DFS Group is the affirmation of the first-line cosmetics retail brand of the world for the product strength and technical strength of Mirror. In collaboration with DFS Group, Metro Magic Mirror has developed the trial function of 3D sunglasses for the first time. We also look forward to developing more innovative digital marketing with DFS in the future.
This year, Magic Mirror will open the whole platform, complete the whole link of the closed-loop makeup test, can support Wechat applet, brand official website real-time makeup test experience, help the brand more directly reach users, faster diversion purchase, enhance sales. (End)