Perfect World Education Enables Universities to Build Frontier Competitive Talents


Original Title: Perfect World Education Enables Universities to Build Frontier Competitive Talents
Source: Daily Economic News
Every reporter: Wen Menghua
As the whole digital culture industry continues to advance on the fast lane, China’s e-sports industry has also experienced a year of heavy ink, becoming a new and irresistible trend.
However, with more and more people focusing on competition, as a new field, the industry is increasingly “hungry” for all kinds of competitive talents. The standardized industry system is indispensable for the sustainable and permanent development of the current competitive industry.
This year, at the annual ChinaJoy industry event, the perfect world with multiple business sectors, such as film and television, games, and electronic competition, appeared with a number of heavy works. During the break, Daily Economic News exclusively interviewed Wang Yuyuyun, Senior Vice President and Spokesperson of Perfect World and Chairman of Perfect World Education, to share the methodology of talent cultivation in the perfect world behind the development of e-sports.
“With the advent of 5G and AI era, creativity is no longer a pure idea, but based on a profound understanding of the trends of science, technology and society. Therefore, talent training in the future will increasingly need the deep integration of industry and education, so that students can access the frontier technology and industrial ideas. The idea of perfect world education is to give students a good environment and new knowledge of the frontier of the industry, create a first-class ideological collision, to activate their creativity. Wang Yuyun said.
As one of the leading film and tourism complexes in China, Perfect World Holding Group took the lead five years ago in paying attention to the painful point of lack of industrial talents, setting up Perfect World Education and cooperating with UNESCO and world-class universities. Discuss the talent cultivation of digital literary creation art. Over the past few years, we have explored a set of personnel training system that integrates industry with education, set a benchmark for the industry, and inject the potential of continuous development into the industry.
Two years later, Perfect World Education established Pixel Seed Digital and Art Education Base.
Vocationalization of education through electronic competition can not be separated from standardized personnel training
Perfect World is one of the earliest companies concerned about the field of electronic competition in China. Every reporter noticed that the Perfect World has not only become a mainland Chinese service provider of DOTA2, CS: GO and other well-known competitive products since 2012, but also continuously built a multi-level and internationalized self-owned competitive event system including DOTA2 Asian Invitational Competition.
Prospect and deep cultivation in the field of competitive business undoubtedly make the perfect world feel the current situation of competitive industry, but also more deeply realize the importance of training competitive talents: competitive education is the most important chain in the chain of competitive industry.
According to the “China Competition Talents Development Report 2019”, by the end of 2018, 71,000 people were engaged in competitive ecology in related industries in China. Only 26% of the jobs are manpower-saturated, and the shortage of nearly 150,000 workers has not yet been filled.
At present, more and more companies pay attention to and distribute e-competitive education. Perfect World Education, as the pioneer of e-competitive talent training, will continue to deepen the layout. Wang Yuyun told reporters: “Perfect world education divides the talents needed by industry into three layers, the most basic is technical talents, the middle part is compound talents, and at the top is creative and research talents. Next, we will further lay out e-Competition education through popularization at the public level, solving the current shortage of talent in the e-Competition industry, and cultivating multi-disciplinary talents to integrate and cross different industries.
“Behind the popularity of electronic competition is the current mixed situation of the electronic competition education industry: on the one hand, the talents trained by the traditional education system can not be used for the industry immediately; on the other hand, the commercial electronic competition education institutions are over-concentrated in the technical training of athletes, with the ecological development of the first-line industry, especially with the electronic competition industry. The exhibition is disconnected. Wang Yuyun told reporters.
In the field of competitive education, perfect world education, through cooperation with various colleges and universities, has explored a set of its own methodology of integrating production and education into competitive talent training.
“At present, many colleges and universities have plans to set up the major of electronic competition, but they don’t really know what it is. We summarize the experience of the industry, form a standardized output of educational content, service and practice, and enable all kinds of colleges and universities to establish a talent training system that can promote and guide the industry according to their own characteristics.” Wang Yuyun pointed out.
When talking about the concrete cooperation process, Wang Yuyun emphasized that the more important thing of school-enterprise cooperation is to give full play to each other’s advantages and achieve the effect of 1 + 1 > 2.
“We choose cooperative colleges and universities first of all, we should match the concept and value. The vision of perfect world education is to provide a better platform for the growth of creative talents. So we hope that through School-enterprise cooperation, we can provide students with more diverse courses and incubation system, and enhance their overall vision, judgment and growth speed. It is necessary to have general courses. In the future, E-Competition will surpass some traditional sports items in terms of scale and business model innovation, which requires cross-disciplinary and cross-professional talents to get through the leap-forward development of E-Competition. Therefore, a good general education curriculum is an important means to activate the emergence of compound and general education talents. Wang Yuyun said.
With the coming of 5G era, the cultivation of creative talents needs more integration of production and education.
With the advent of the 5G era of “All Things Federation”, the whole entertainment industry, which is closely related to games and electronic competitions, will usher in a new round of changes. The tremendous changes in the ways of literary creation and application of technological means brought about by these changes will also put forward higher requirements for talents.
“With the advent of 5G and AI era, creativity is not only a simple idea, but also a profound understanding of the development trend of science, technology and society. Therefore, in the future, talent cultivation will need more and more in-depth integration of industry and education, so that students can get in touch with the frontier technology and industrial ideas. Industry needs to provide a new platform for talents to do a scene that fits his creativity. Talking about the trend of talent training in the future, Wang Yuyun told reporters.

Many years of rich industry accumulation made Wang Yuyun realize that the future needs more general-purpose talents. “Their achievements are not necessarily top-notch, but they dare to take risks. Try new things, and dare to ask questions, creative. What the perfect world education should do is to provide a good environment and soil to activate their creativity.
In Wang Yuyun’s opinion, it is not only e-competitive education, but also the market potential of talent education in the whole creative industry in the future is very huge.
“On the one hand, there is still a certain distance between the talents trained by the school and the real creativity in the workplace. A large number of”quasi-talents”and non-professionals are in need of educational projects that meet the needs of the industry. On the other hand, many on-the-job personnel hope to enhance their professional and comprehensive understanding in the career development. The ability to solve problems, some even willing to study off-the-job, but still can not be improved through traditional education channels, so behind the huge talent increment market, traditional education is difficult to cultivate talents suitable for the industry, so the combination with industry, even industry school-running is an inevitable trend. Wang Yuyun analyzed.
In this process, the “integration of industry and education” advocated by perfect world education is particularly important, and the combination of industry and universities has played a huge potential. By creating the “industry + leading enterprise” ecology of integration of production and education, and systematically carrying out the comprehensive reform experiment of integration of production and education, enterprises and school resources can flow in two directions, and industry can give more talent training with abundant practical experience.
“The integration of industry and education needs innovation in system and mechanism, so as to give better play to the advantages of both sides, and truly achieve talent-centered, in line with the requirements of industrial development. In the future, education in the perfect world will use the perspective of leading industry to promote education, keep iterating, grasp the forefront of the industry, and constantly innovate in the content and methods of education, “said Wang Yuyun.
For China’s creative industries, in order to build a system to adapt to future growth, the corresponding vocational education and talent training will become the key to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. On this new track, perfect world education is taking the lead in laying out and preparing for the future.
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