Drip Autopilot Upgraded to Independent CTO Zhang Bo as CEO of New Company


Xiangxin, Tencent News Author
On August 5, Droplet Travel announced that its autopilot department had been upgraded to an independent company, focusing on autopilot research and development, product application and related business development. Drop Travel CTO Zhang Bo is also the CEO of the new autopilot company. Meng Xing, former executive director of the fund, is the COO. Jia Zhaoyin and Zheng Jianqiang are the leaders of the R&D teams in the United States and China respectively. All three of them report to Zhang Bo.
In April this year, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera arrived at the headquarters of Droplet Travel. Accompanied by Cheng Wei, he visited Droplet Intelligent Travel Data System, intelligent transportation technology demonstration and took a test drive together.
The newly established auto-driving company will integrate the resources of drip-drip travel platform and the original technological advantages, continue to increase investment in research and development of core technologies, deepen cooperation with upstream and downstream automobile industry chains, and actively explore with the government and all sectors of society to promote the landing of auto-driving, so as to make future travel safer and more efficient through innovative technology.
“The new company hopes to further open up strategic cooperation with automotive main engine factories and industry partners, promote the commercialization of driverless technology, and truly become products and services into everyone’s life,” said Zhang Bo, CTO and CEO of the new company. Droplet will also gradually apply the understanding and experience of safe operation accumulated in making an online appointment car to the operation of unmanned driving, and explore the safety practice criteria of automatic driving operation with the government and relevant parties.
Cheng Wei, chairman and CEO of Drip Travel, said: “Auto-driving will greatly improve travel safety and efficiency, and help the city develop more intelligently and sustainably. Science and technology serve people. In the future, there must be people driving with good temperature service and automatic driving with high efficiency and safety to meet the travel needs of users in different scenarios. Science and technology and services will be better integrated here.
Droplet has set up the R&D team of automatic driving technology since 2016. It has built many professional teams, such as high-precision map, perception, behavior prediction, planning and control, infrastructure and simulation, data labeling, problem diagnosis, vehicle refitting, cloud control and vehicle networking, vehicle-road coordination, information security and so on. At present, the team has developed and tested more than 200 people in China and the United States.