China’s Scientific and Technological Strength Achieves Historic Leap Forward to a World Powerful Science and Technology Country


Original Title: Realizing Historical Leap in China’s Scientific and Technological Strength
BEIJING, Aug. 4 (Reporter Gu Yekai) The National Bureau of Statistics recently released a report on the achievements of economic and social development on the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The report shows that under the correct leadership of the Communist Party of China, scientists and technicians continue to strive and make unremitting efforts, and China’s scientific and technological strength has achieved a historic leap from being difficult to achieve to follow, run side by side and even lead. China has become a major scientific and technological innovation country with important international influence, and is striding forward toward the grand goal of becoming a powerful scientific and technological country in the world.
The report shows that the total number of R&D personnel in China ranks first in the world. In 2018, the total number of R&D personnel counted by full-time workload is 4.19 million years, which has been ranked the first in the world for six consecutive years. China’s R&D investment continued to grow rapidly, reaching 1965.7 billion yuan in 2018, 138 times as much as in 1991, with an average annual growth of 20.0% from 1992 to 2018.
The number of patented inventions has increased substantially. In 2018, the number of patent applications and authorizations in China were 4.323 million and 2.448 million respectively, 86 times and 98 times as much as in 1991. The government’s support is steadily increasing. In 2017, the national financial allocation for science and technology amounted to 838.36 billion yuan, 130 times that of 1980.