AMD new architecture GPU support, Samsung new mobile chip arrangement


AMD and Samsung announced in early June that they would cooperate in the future based on AMD Radeon mapping technology. During the recent company’s second quarter earnings conference in 2019, Samsung expects to launch its first AMD advanced graphics chip in two years.
Samsung hopes to get AMD’s “GPU Competitiveness” to improve the performance of its mobile SoC and other applications, thereby giving the company a greater advantage over its competitors. AMD will also benefit from the deal through Samsung’s technology licensing fees and royalties. AMD will further improve its technology products with other fees such as licensing fees. The whole deal is undoubtedly win-win.
AMD’s deal with Samsung marks a turning point for the two companies, which means that besides being a manufacturer of desktop processor solutions, AMD can also “drive” the mobile GPU market. However, AMD is often criticized for the relatively high power consumption of Radeon graphics products, and Samsung is expected to make corresponding optimization and upgrade in the later period. With the addition of AMD, Samsung’s self-developed Exynos chip based on ARM architecture will significantly improve its graphics processing performance and be able to confront Kotong’s Miaolong Adreno head-on. This is good news for mobile gamers, and there will be more options in the future.
AMD CEO Lisa Su said that AMD Radeon graphics processing technology has grown significantly in the computer, game console, cloud and other markets. After strategic cooperation with Samsung, it is expected to accelerate the pace of innovation of mobile GPU, while expanding the customer base and ecosystem of high-performance Radeon graphics processing technology.