The number of fraud cases filed by Shanghai Telecom Network dropped by 30.2% year on year.


The Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau has notified the relevant situation of the telecommunication network fraud cases in Shanghai this year. Attentive Photography
China New Zealand Online Shanghai, August 3 (Reporter Yin Liqin) 3, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau returned the deceived money to the public. In the future, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau will designate August 3 as “Shanghai Criminal Police 803 Theme Day” every year. Through various forms such as centralized propaganda, centralized display and open police camps, it will report to the public on the effectiveness of the public security organs in combating crime and strive for more understanding and support from the public.
Since this year, Shanghai’s public security organs have taken the “Cloud Sword Action” deployed by the Ministry of Public Security and the “Strike hard, fight stubborn diseases, clean the environment, and safeguard peace” as the lead to crack down on all kinds of criminal offences, and have continued to maintain all homicides and robberies. Meanwhile, relying on the anti-fraud centers at the two levels of the city, they have taken various measures together. We will work hard and precisely to further promote the city’s strict prevention of telecommunications network fraud.
The Shanghai Public Security Bureau returns the deceived money to the public. Attentive Photography
By the end of July, the number of fraud cases filed by Shanghai Telecom Network had dropped by 30.2% year on year, while the number of cases solved and the number of criminal suspects arrested had increased by 32.7% and 42.9% year on year, respectively. Among them, the number of “counterfeit public security law” cases and the number of property losses decreased by 20.9% and 38.4% year on year. A total of more than 260 million yuan was frozen to avoid the loss of people’s property of nearly 3.8 billion yuan.
On June 24, the Shanghai Anti-Fraud Center, together with the Qingpu Branch, smashed up a telecommunications network fraud criminal gang and arrested 40 suspects. After investigating the criminal group through fake female identity, the victim was met on the social networking platforms such as strangers and Wechat. Then the victim was induced to buy virtual equipment when playing mobile games or brush gifts when watching live webcasts. The criminal group benefited from it. On June 26, the Municipal Anti-Fraud Center, together with Minhang Branch Bureau, destroyed two criminal gangs suspected of swine dish fraud and arrested 62 suspects. After investigating the two criminal gangs pretending to be successful people on the Internet, they made friends with the opposite sex through social networking platform, nurtured their feelings, and then guided the victims to invest in APP for collections such as “30 seconds open”, “gambling jade”. In fact, the ups and downs of these APPs are controlled by human, resulting in victim suffering. Huge property losses.
The Shanghai Public Security Bureau returns the deceived money to the public. Attentive Photography
At 11 a.m. on June 16, Shanghai Anti-Fraud Center found that Ms. Wang, a citizen, had received a fraudulent telephone call from the Counterfeit Public Security Law, and promptly launched a joint dissuasion work. But Ms. Wang’s phone has always been shut down, police officers from the local police station found that Ms. Wang was not at home. Subsequently, the police searched continuously for as long as seven hours, and finally contacted Ms. Wang, who had been deeply brainwashed, at 18:00 on the same day. Ms. Wang said that if it was not for the police’s advice to stop, she was ready to transfer nearly 300,000 yuan of deposits in bank cards to fraudsters. At 16:00 on June 26, the city anti-fraud Center found that Ms. Yang, a citizen, was suffering from fraud under the false public security law. Anti-fraud Center police quickly dialed Ms. Yang’s phone and instructed local police stations to carry out joint dissuasion, but at this time Ms. Yang’s phone has been transferred to other people’s mobile phones. The police finally found Ms. Yang on Songbin Road, Baoshan District, at about 17 o’clock that day. It is understood that Ms. Yang received a call from the Guiyang Public Security Bureau that day, and was told that she was suspected of money laundering and would be arrested in Shanghai if she did not cooperate with the investigation. Due to the timely work of the police, more than 1.4 million yuan of economic losses have been recovered for Ms. Yang.
Shanghai Public Security Bureau has set August 3 as “Shanghai Criminal Police 803 Theme Day” every year.
In addition, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau has also innovated a new mechanism to crack down on cases, set up anti-fraud sub-centers in 16 sub-bureaus of the city, led by the city anti-fraud center, and implemented the requirement of “every case must be investigated and every case must be investigated” in telecommunication network fraud cases.
Since this year, although Shanghai has achieved remarkable results in stringent crackdown on the crime of telecommunication network fraud, the total number of such cases is still relatively large (more than 35,000 warning messages are sent daily by the city anti-fraud center, nearly 600 dissuasion calls are dialed, and more than 120 dissuasion instructions are issued to local police stations). The property loss of deceiving the masses is still large, and the situation of case prevention and control is still grim.