OPPO Reno has supported unlocking BootLoader to apply for in-depth testing


The OPPO Reno series, released earlier this year, now supports unlocking BootLoader, but requires users to apply to join OPPO’s official in-depth testing program. It’s good news for some enthusiasts who want to gain more control over their mobile phones. The steps are as follows:
Applicants for in-depth testing conditions:
The application must satisfy all the following conditions:
1. Aircraft models must be on the market for more than three months;
2.60 days without application record;
3. OPPO account logged in continuously for more than 60 days.
4. The number of in-depth test users has not reached the quota limit.
5. Non-government enterprises and operators customize mobile phones;
6. Support the listing of mobile phones in mainland China.
Guidelines for applying for in-depth testing:
1. Joining the test plan may have unpredictable impact on mobile phones.
2. Tripartite firmware may make some functions of mobile phone not work properly, such as camera photography. It may cause equipment damage.
3. Personal security and privacy on mobile phones may lead to leakage and security is not guaranteed.
4. Some system functions may be modified after joining the test plan, which will affect the upgrade of the system version and will not be able to experience the latest ColorOS services.
5. After joining the test plan, the mobile phone status is equivalent to restoring the factory settings, and it is recommended to back up the data in advance.
6. Mobile phones can not be guaranteed after joining the test plan.
Unlocking tutorial:
1. Download and install the depth test APK, enter the depth test APK, connect to the Internet and log on to OPPO account, click the “Start Application” button, press the prompt to complete the application process, if the application is successful, the following interface will be displayed. (Partners who successfully submit an audit must switch back to the official version and upgrade to a version that supports in-depth testing when OTA detects the latest version, otherwise the audit will fail;
2. On the 15th day of each month, APK will enter the in-depth test by clicking on “Query Audit Status”. If the audit passes, the following interface will be displayed and “Start in-depth test” will be clicked. The mobile phone will automatically restart and enter Fastboot mode.
3. In Fastboot mode, unlock by engineering instructions, select the “Unlock The Bootloader” option by volume key, and confirm by power key, the mobile phone will enter the deep test mode and clear all user data in the mobile phone.
If you want to unlock the BL brusher, please read the above steps carefully to operate, so as to avoid unexpected mobile phone conditions.