Musk confirmed that attending the World Artificial Intelligence Congress will launch the China Project


Original Title: Musk said that when he attended the World AI Conference, he would launch his company’s China project.
Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder and CEO, revealed on Twitter on August 2 that he would launch the “Boring Company” China project during the World Artificial Intelligence Congress in Shanghai, China.
The World Artificial Intelligence Congress 2019 will be held in Shanghai from August 29 to 31. Musk has confirmed his presence and will deliver a keynote speech.
In December 2016, Musk, who was caught in traffic jams, came up with the idea of setting up an underground tunnel company to solve traffic jams. Because in English the word Boring also means digging, the company was named The Boring Company.
According to Musk’s assumption, he will install a “tray” for suspension on the ground. When the car is parked, the tray will drop to the ground, and the car will be transported quickly between underground tunnels. The fastest speed can reach 200 kilometers per hour. In addition, these pallets have a unified computer monitoring, through seamless arrangements to optimize pallet speed. In tunnels, the system will automatically transmit vehicles through electric skateboards, the fastest speed of which is 130 miles per hour. Musk has said that the underground tunnel network will have up to 30 stories of tunnels, which can transmit cars or supertrains.
The idea of putting cars underground seems unrealistic. In fact, Musk’s “Boredom Company” has made some progress in the United States since its inception more than two years ago.
On July 20, 2017, Musk announced that Boredom Company had received verbal approval from regulators and began planning to build an ultra-high-speed underground transportation system connecting New York and Washington (about 363 kilometers), which could shorten travel time between the two cities to 29 minutes.
On May 22 this year, Boredom Company received its first order. The Las Vegas Congress and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) voted to approve a $48.6 million contract with Musk Tunnel Excavation’s Boredom Company. Under the contract, Boredom Company will build LVCC Loop under the Las Vegas Convention Center, including two lanes, three stations and a pedestrian tunnel, so that visitors or visitors can be transported from the new exhibition hall to the new North Exhibition Hall.