Amazon announces that users have been able to ban Alexa recordings from being audited manually


Prior to Tencent Technologies News, media reports revealed that Amazon, Google and Apple had hired external contractors to artificially listen to and record private questions and conversation recordings by voice assistants of consumers, which raised concerns about privacy violations.
Amazon said on Friday that it would allow users to disable manual auditing of its Alexa recordings, according to the latest news from foreign media. Before that, Apple and Google also made adjustments to their voice assistants.
Before that, a series of news reports highlighted how the three companies used their employees to listen to some of their customers’private recordings to improve their software. This approach raises privacy concerns about how their voices and data are used, and points out that sometimes children’s voices or private conversations are heard on tape, which is disturbing.
All three companies have decided to make these changes in the past day, which means they are trying to improve the privacy protection of voice assistants in response to strong consumer objections.
Earlier, Amazon decided in May to add new privacy protection features to Alexa, including the ability to delete voice records on that day by simply notifying Alexa, without visiting Amazon’s website. These changes may be aimed at ensuring that smart speakers and voice assistants continue to expand their coverage in technology and help win the trust of consumers.
According to foreign media reports, Amazon’s new policy came into effect on Friday, and on the same day, Apple said it would suspend manual audits of Siri recordings worldwide. Google also said it would suspend its global human auditing business after a contractor leaked voice records to a Belgian-based news agency.
Amazon spokesman said in an email statement on Friday: “We take customer privacy seriously and constantly review our practices and procedures. We will also update the information provided to our customers to make our approach clearer.
Since this year’s reports that Alexa recordings were audited by human workers, Amazon has repeatedly said that only a small part of all user recordings are audited manually.
According to Amazon’s newly revised agreement, to turn off manual listening to Alexa records, users need to access Amazon’s Alxa privacy settings or Alexa applications. Then go to “How to Improve Alexa by Managing Your Data” and turn off the “Help Improve Amazon Services and Develop New Functions” option.
In this page, Amazon mentions that “only a very small percentage of voice recordings are artificially audited” and that this information is used to improve Alexa services and develop new features.
The company also warned that turning off the settings could reduce Alexa’s voice recognition capabilities and new features.
Amazon and Google dominate the global voice assistant and smart speaker market. Today, voice assistants from both companies are moving out of smart speakers and into more hardware or software, such as mobile phones, household appliances and even cars, using the same voice assistant. But in the past, consumers generally thought they were talking to AI systems or robots, so they sometimes disclosed some private content. They were surprised that the user recorded the news that was audited manually. (Tencent Technology Revision/Chengxi)