Tencent Nintendo announces details of its cooperation: localization of Switch classic games


At noon on August 2, Tencent announced details of its cooperation with Nintendo. Including cooperation between the two sides to localize some of the classic Nintendo games, as well as the future online simplified Chinese version of the game.
Qian Geng, head of Tencent Switch project, said that Bank of China Switch will continue Nintendo’s design and system. At present, Tencent is cooperating with Nintendo to localize some classic Nintendo games, and there will be more Simplified Chinese version games online in the future.
In addition, the two sides will work together to establish a network service suitable for the Chinese environment, using cloud services to set up a network service suitable for domestic players, to bring players a lower delay experience.
Tencent will also optimize the eShop store system, where players can use Wechat to pay for games in the store.
It is reported that the Bank of China Switch will adopt a one-year warranty strategy. However, the price and time of sale of Guohang Switch, which is of concern to the outside world, have not yet been announced. (Han Dapeng)