EOS is booming frequently, and currency prices may usher in a new rise _COINBIG ____________


The total market value of the global digital money market was $2821.113 billion, up 2.54% from yesterday, and 24-hour volume was $51.530 billion, down 1.79% from yesterday. Alternative. me data show that today’s panic and greed index is 61 (yesterday’s 57), greed continues to grow, ranking greed. Since the BTC began to rise after stabilizing at 9000, the probability of the mainstream digital currency will follow.
As of 16:00, all the top ten market value digital currencies are rising, the biggest increase is BSV/USDT, up 6.73%, the second is BTC/USDT, up 6.12%.
EOS’s announcement at the June Anniversary Conference failed to meet investors’expectations, and prices started a wave of declines, which are now only half of their peak this year.
But recently, EOS has begun to release a variety of benefits, such as the 13th Sediment Global Public Chain Technology Assessment Index issued by Sediment Research Institute on July 30, 2019, which comprehensively considers 37 global public chains from the technical dimension. EOS ranked first with a total index score of 153.1. In addition, the results show that Etaifang and wave field rank second and third after EOS, with total indices of 148.6 and 138.2, respectively.
Another is that eosfinex has officially launched. It is an EOS-based de-centralized Exchange created by the Bitfinex team. It aims to combine the speed and scalability of EOS with the leading trading expertise in Bitfinex industry to achieve the speed, transparency and controllability of on-line transactions.
Moreover, SEC plans to become a node in the chain of bitcoin, ethernet, ripple, EOS, bitcoin cash, Stellar, Zcash, NEO and other blocks. However, the SEC has not yet given a specific explanation of why they want to run their own nodes. With these positive stimuli and the continuing rise of BTC, EOS may usher in a new wave of increases.
Below is a detailed look at the trend of EOS.
From the technical point of view, EOS in the daily chart began to enter two waves of callback after the channel completed a large-scale increase of one wave. At present, there are signs of stabilization in the 178.6% pullback position of the 1st wave, and the price has begun to recover from the 1st wave. It is expected that the price will start a new rise after the shock between 3.9 and 4.7. It is expected that the price will try to break through the pressure area of 5.0-6.0. If the breakthrough is successful, the probability will run to 9.0.
Look at the trend of BTC
From the technical point of view, BTC in the daily chart has formed a double bottom structure in the support position of 9000, which opens a new main wave of rise. At present, the price has begun to move to 11,000-12,000 pressure area. From the overall wave structure, the large-scale callback wave 4 has ended and the large-scale wave 5 has started to operate. It is expected that the price will break through the 11,000-12,000 pressure area and run to 13,000-14,000.