8/2 market analysis, the bull market will also lose money? _ Yifeng Block Chain Research Institute


Today, let’s talk about how the 2019 bull market will come. 17 years’ friends should have a deep understanding. When the real bull market is coming, there will be signs of 100 yuan rising. When standing on the draught, even a pig can take off, and this situation does exist.
But this is only the final scenario. Only a few people can see this scenario. There are hundreds of times of coins, hundreds of times of coins and thousands of times of coins, but they are calculated from the lowest point to the highest point. The highest point is just a flash in the pan, and it won’t last long. If you are at the top, hesitant, greedy, then you will be set at the top, then the bull market is actually the beginning of your nightmare, maybe the next year you will be in a loss state, loss you doubt life.
When 100 coins are rising, and high-power currencies are emerging, in fact, the cows are almost finished, and the funds that should be admitted are already in the market. The funds that enter the market behind belong to leek, and can no longer be profitable. Therefore, in the face of the transformation of bears and cows, this key point must be noted that greed should not be abandoned at any time. Heart, think that they are a little profitable in the bull market, is the master, in fact, the bull market in the fast profit, loss faster, you may have made 80% profit yesterday, today only 40% profit.
So the bull market is not as good as you imagine. It can go up all the time. It’s going up all the time. The bull market is going up. But it’s going up from 1 to 5. It may need countless callbacks, from 1 to 2 to 3, from 3 to 2, from 2 to 2.5, and from 2.5 to 1.7. I don’t know if you can understand that the bull market is big. Part of the book is profitable, but there may not be many people who can really keep the money in hand, because in the bull market, everyone will become very greedy, thinking that the currency will rise again and again, greedy again and again, thinking that they are the lucky one, can successfully sell at the highest price.
And in the bull market, it is not as simple as everyone imagines, easy to make profits, in fact, the bull market is not so easy to go past, we all need to calm down and think carefully, a good analysis, whether has been overwhelmed by victory, whether because of proud forgetfulness and stepped on a lot of pits, stable. Reasonable operation is the most critical.
In fact, when you have the idea of selling at the highest point, you are already a loser. No one can sell at the highest point. Everyone should set up their own profit point. At the right price, they should choose to sell instead of waiting slowly. It may not be high price, but bull turn. Bear, the currency has fallen sharply. It’s too late for you to run. The real bull market is short-lived and worth looking forward to, but it can not be full of expectations.
It’s easy for everyone to become greedy and complacent in the hot market. They think they are masters. They buy whatever currency they want to buy, and then they get rich overnight. Step by step, they are actually going to the abyss, when you wait for the highest profit. Others are looking at your principal right now. You are gazing at the abyss. The abyss is gazing at you at the same time. To sum up a sentence for you, the best choice is to really make sure that the bag is safe. No matter how much profit there is on the books, it is only the profit on the books after all.