Beijing announces the results of sharing bicycle assessment: 4 of 9 families will withdraw or rectify


On the evening of July 31, Sina Technological News announced that the Beijing Municipal Transport Commission had issued a bulletin on the supervision of operation and management of the Internet bicycle rental industry in the first half of 2019. According to the announcement, up to now, there are 9 Internet bicycle rental enterprises operating in Beijing. Four of them will voluntarily withdraw from operation or accelerate rectification. In the first half of the comprehensive evaluation results of the other five operating enterprises, Mobai bicycle ranked first in the second quarter.
According to the announcement, the operating vehicles of five enterprises, including Mobai Bicycle, Offo Bicycle, Xiaolan Bicycle, Convenient Bee Bicycle and Hello Bicycle, are included in the platform supervision and management. In conjunction with the district Internet rental bicycle management departments, Township people’s governments, Street offices and third-party organizations, the Beijing Municipal Transport Commission, based on the current dynamic and static data information of vehicles accessed by enterprises and the on-site verification of each district, has made a textual study on the operation efficiency and parking order of the vehicles. Mobay bicycle won the first place in two consecutive quarters.
The announcement shows that Mobay bicycle ranks the highest in terms of vehicle operation efficiency, parking order and dynamic information access ratio of enterprise vehicles. At the same time, Mobay bicycle in the industry first introduced electronic fence technology and applied to the daily cycling of citizens, and through the client, public number and other channels to push the user the message of civilized parking.
The head of Mobay bicycle Beijing said that since its entry into Beijing in 2016, Mobay bicycle has always regarded refined operation and management as the “top priority” of its work, which has been recognized by the government and users. Mobai bicycle has been responding to and cooperating with the requirements of Beijing Traffic Commission and other relevant government departments, strictly implementing the total amount control and strengthening its own standardized management.
The announcement shows that in the first half of the year, Shanghai Junfeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Haro bicycle) committed illegal and excessive vehicle delivery. After joint interviews with municipal and district management departments, it failed to rectify within the deadline, and was subjected to administrative penalties twice by the Beijing Traffic Law Enforcement Corps, with a cumulative fine of 100,000 yuan.
Hangzhou Qingqi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was fined 50,000 yuan by Beijing Traffic Law Enforcement Corps for failing to rectify the situation within the time limit due to the irregularity of putting green orange bicycles into the city through joint interviews with municipal and district administrative departments. At present, the two enterprises are further rectifying the situation of illegal investment, and promise to rectify it by the end of August and September 15, respectively. At that time, they will organize verification and take the results of verification as an important basis for their vehicle quotas.
It is reported that the next step, Beijing traffic department will take the quality of vehicle dynamic data access as a key regulatory indicator, directly linked to the quota of enterprise vehicle delivery. In order to strengthen the control of parking order, the Internet bicycle rental management departments in each district will set up parking areas and prohibited parking areas. The client shows that the enterprises can maintain the parking order by implementing the credit score system of users, punishing the violation of parking and strengthening the on-site operation and maintenance dispatch.
At the same time, the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission is organizing relevant departments and district governments to revise and improve the credit assessment management methods for service quality of Internet bicycle rental enterprises, and to establish a management and exit mechanism linked with the assessment results and enterprise vehicle quotas, so as to standardize enterprise compliance and promote enterprises to improve their operational service level. (Zhang Jun)