Authenticity identification and anti-counterfeiting inquiry of water of silk gourd


Appearance of cosmetics is the most intuitive response, but also an important way for us to identify authenticity. Generally speaking, genuine cosmetics are more beautiful and clear in appearance design. At first glance, the authentic Luffa water looks bright. The color on the bottle is green, which means that Luffa water is a natural extract. The appearance of some counterfeit products on the market is almost white, brightness and genuine goods are very different, printing color is also relatively dim.
Two bottle caps are designed to prevent side leakage on the water bottle cap of the genuine thousand-fibre towel gourd, which avoids waste in use. The bottle cap uses a small bottle mouth and can effectively control the dosage. The imitation has no leak-proof design, and mostly adopts the design of large bottle mouth. In addition, special attention should be paid to the fact that the production date of the product is printed on the cover of the genuine product, and most of the fake goods are not available.
3 Labels We know that each product will be printed with the corresponding label, you may not know that the 1000-fiber towel gourd water label printing place is under the bottle cap. The real LOGO print is very clear and the font is large. The labels under the imitation caps sold on the market are rough, blurred, small, and sometimes skewed.
On the front of the bottle, let’s take a look at the difference between the true and false Luffa bottles. A careful observation reveals that the authentic Luffa bottles have the words “water-activating’membrane’force, promoting skin self-regulation circulation” on them, and the Chinese character “Qianxiao, originating from nature” on the lower right. The counterfeit bottle is printed in the middle of the “thousand fibers grass towel gourd water series”, the lower right is in English.
Five bottles are on the opposite side of the bottle. Our habit is to look at the front and then the back. Because the positive side is different, the negative side is probably different. The reverse side of the genuine product is still printed with the word “water-activated film” force, promoting skin self-discipline cycle”, and the bottle has a clear description of the product, the use of methods, quality inspection and so on. The false negative print is the same as the front print. The introduction of the product is simple, the method of use is rough, the quality check is printed in the middle, and the real print is located below.